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These are my thoughts, a kind of journal or whatever you want to call it, Not my idea. Doc has pretty much compelled me to have one. Therapy, he calls it. More like blackmail.

My Friend Harry
A kind of retroactive journal

Page 1

He yelled at me today. It’s not the first time. In fact, if I had a quarter for every time he’s been a bit mift with me, I could easily retire someplace full of palm trees and millionaires.
The problem with Harry is, while I might not mind a little verbal abuse if I deserve it, (and that doesn't happen often) it’s far worse when he just glares instead of using his vocal chords. Like laser beams his eyes at times.Far worse than anything he can say directly.
I suppose that first time since Nautilus was due to the fact that we were under a fair bit of stress and we hadn’t renewed our acquaintance for several years. He's still my superior, but I was no longer the peach fuzzed boy he’d come to know and love all those years before, ha ha.
Actually, there were times aboard Nautie that I’m sure he’d wanted to consign me to the briny blue,just like just about everybody else did back then in our line of work. Now, however, he found himself having to submit to my knowledge, my skills, and my intuition. Need I say more? But, again, I stood my ground and just got on with the job.

Kowalski's sketch of Harry and me on the 'front porch'

I could tell he was up to something on the way back to port. It's still impossible not to notice that little smirk of his when he's trying hide something, or when  he's amused. Then again, it might also signal when he's just anxious to get rid of me and let things get back to normal.
Of course, 'normal' is a word that can never again be used for us after what we've been through, like that first mission when it looked as if a good portion of the world would end without our assistance.
That's what Seaview, Harry, and I are all about. I don't sound too proud, do I? I suppose I do, and I'm guessing there's another lecture from Human Resources in the works already for me about the dangers of an over inflated ego.
But when I think back over all we've accomplished these past few years, well, I think it's going to take a very long time for me to record them for this blog. Is that the correct term? I can't really say I'm all that keen on this social media stuff. And it's not as if this retroactive 'journal' is visible to anyone but me or maybe Doc. After all he's the one who ordered me to do this. Therapy, he calls it. It was just a couple of nightmares again!
If I have to write anything, shouldn't it be about them, and not my boss? And boss Harry still is,though I will admit that ours has become more of a familial relationship, even though it has at times increased the tension between us. I mean, wasn't easy when I was ordered to shoot  him, even if he was a walking cessium bomb. And it couldn't have been easy for him when he had to shoot me to save the boat and allow the ghostly Krueger to possess me. Is there any wonder I still have nightmares about these things and more?
I wonder if the shrinks have considered making Harry write a blog about me? Perish the thought! He'd probably tell all sorts of ribald stories from when I served with him aboard Nautilus!Hey, I was only an Ensign. A guy's allowed to make a few tactical errors regarding the base commander's daughter!
Oh well, at least I got page one done. You happy now Doc?