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It’s been longer than I expected, the treason trial for the Marine. On the surface it looks very bad. But I’m convinced that something happened to him. It may be that it was less torture and more persuasion than in my case, but when there’s still a death penalty I’d rather the court err on the side of leniency.

Brainwashing is a fact. It happens. It happened to me. Perhaps they just used more technology to scramble my brains. I’m convinced that no one’s immune from brainwashing’s effects, no matter what the prosecutor says. Has he ever been brainwashed? Does he know anyone who has been?  At least they listened about what happened to me.

‘And if it can happen to the Captain of the Seaview, it can happen to anyone,’ the defense said. I’m not without some influence, apparently.  We just have to wait now.

Either way, it will stain his record. Perhaps  not technically. But I’ve seen some of the glances that come his way.  Some are pure vitriol. Not even a not guilty plea will alter their belief in his treason, I’m sure. Others are doting and sympathetic. If the defense wins,  I wonder if I should ask Harry to hire the man. At least with NIMR he wouldn’t have to deal with either.