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My Friend Harry -page 2


‘Lee Crane’s friend, enemy, partner, rival, big brother, blood brother, and sometimes I’d like to bash his head in’. These were the words of Harriman Nelson. Though he was ‘Harriman Jone’s at the time and searching for me (trapped in Zeraff’s city under the sea) they  pretty much sum things up between us even now.


That is until he gets into a real snit like the mission shortly after when  he threatened to kick me off the boat. Of course, we were all pretty much affected by the fear gas and I guess he was justified at the time. Loosing Polidor made it clear to anyone that he was obsessed with finding a reason, any reason, other than human error in her loss. Gut feeling, something…he just ‘knew’ it didn’t happen the way the Navy thought. May he always continue to ‘know’ when things aren’t quite what they seem.

Security Cam Missile Room 1.2

Mission accomplished. Escaped from Zeraff's with Melina after Nelson had to fire on the city, destroying it. He seemed amused somehow. I think he appreciated my taste in women! Just kidding. It's quite a tale. Perhaps later.

Security Cam Cntrl Rm 1.3

Mission Accomplished. Harry proved Polidor was sabotaged. Now we had to get to the surface!