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Doc’s on my case again. I realize that I should be glad Harry hired a Doctor to help out our Corpsman after our encounter with the Magnus Beam a few years ago. That  was when I’d gone undercover to discover what had been shooting down our U-2’s. But I’d gotten captured, and a  little roughed up.


Suffice it to say, we managed to destroy the thing, but not without a few problems.

Frank, the Corpsman  had the two of us, Ski and yours truly,  but at least I had the ministrations of Luana while I waited to be seen.


Harry was a bit anxious since resistance fighter Azziz happened to mention that I’d been tortured and dragged out to be shot. And maybe Frank just had his hands full.  After all, he had over 125 souls to tend to as well as Ski’s gunshot and my, well, let’s just say the effects of my incarceration.


I also found out that Harry kind of 'lost it' when he'd first learned I'd been captured. Friendship's like that.


There were over 300 applicants for the job of Chief Medical Officer. And Harry interviewed them all. Oh, they all had the qualifications, and outstanding records. Did he have to get a man who soon found it his sacred duty to pester me to death? I’m too thin, I take unnecessary risks, blah blah blah… Oh, he’s a good sawbones, but where is it in his job description to be a mother hen? Cluck cluck cluck.

Packing heat again