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Computer Woes-2

I’m bored. I might as well not even be here. So I guess this super computer can do it all. Perhaps the Navy will think about using it for drone submarines. But  then there would still be the possibility of corruption and sabotage.  As for manned subs, well, I don’t care how much ‘artificial intelligence’ it has, if we can’t fix a slight programming flaw, how can we fix a real problem that could come up?

Harry would have to agree with that, even if he doesn’t have to put up with being called all these nicknames.

I think I’d rather have ‘mom’s little terms of endearment   than these sexually charged ones. Chip says I’m over reacting and there’s nothing wrong with being called ‘Stud Muffin’ and the like. In fact he says it’s complimentary and to just enjoy it. I suppose he’s right, but I don’t like  the crew snickering whenever it calls me things like  ‘lover boy’,  and ‘Captain Cupcake’.*

Chip avoids me whenever possible and McGee has taken to hiding in such  places as the ballast pump locker, anyplace to get away from me. Granted, it’s my prerogative to ask them when the blazes they’ll get the thing fixed. I don’t know how much more I can take.