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 Harry had me over for dinner and the Twilight Zone on TV. Bad move. I almost lost my pizza. It was a good show, about some aliens only wishing to serve man. But it turns out they wanted to serve man all right, as their dinner.
In any case, I'd had my fill of weirdness after remembering about Zar as we'd come to call him later. A self proclaimed early and superior race of men  in suspended animation which a seaquake had uncovered. I didn't buy it. He just had that air of 'alieness' I guess.
 It hadn't helped when he'd zapped me with his ray gun for want of a better word. Of course I'd pulled one of guard's guns first. But it was only a preventative measure. He saw it, and down I went. My shoulder is still sore whatever it was.
Then we had to 'play along' according the Admiral while we tried to figure out what it was all about.
What it was about was the destruction of all mankind with his Botulism body. One drop could wipe out a good sized city, and he knew it. In fact he killed Foster to test his theory.  He also almost lost me Chip and Ski when they went to investigate the explosive gas he'd planted in one of the compartments.
They're lucky to be alive.
There's no way we could live alongside these 'men, aliens, whatevers'. And no way was Harry  going to let them win. He devised a plan so that when he had a little chat with Zar, he'd retreat to the head, get out through the vent and when Zar went for his ray gun in anger, boom.
It worked too.
The Chief told me later that Ski had been wondering, just who did the earth belong to, them or us. I'd have to say, it probably wasn't theirs to begin with, no matter what Zar had said. In my book, there's no way he could have been human to begin with.
I suppose there's really no answer. Suffice it to say, all the capsules are covered up now with tons of rock and rubble and the future will just have to take of it'self. 
As for my immediate future, the next time I go to Harry's for pizza and a movie, we're not going to watch the Twilight Zone. 


Even looked a bit like a little green man from outer space.


Both Harry and I were suspicous as we 'played along'.


One of the remote charges triggering a seaquake strong enough to rain down rock and debris on the remaining capsules.


A little time for reflection about it all.