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Best Laid Plans

Harry had me over for the weekend. It went far too quickly, though I could have throttled him at first.

Apparently Chip, Doc and maybe even Harry, (he denies being a co- conspirator) decided to make  Cookie fix pancakes and bring them over Saturday morning.  Now, I don’t mind pancakes. In fact I like them. Very much,  even if they can’t compare to Mom’s. But I didn’t like the trumped up excuse of a refit for Cookie to use up what was left of some cake flour for them.

I almost didn’t try them, out of spite. I can be obstinate that way and it’s not a trait I’m proud of.  But after Lola’s fiasco a month ago, I felt I owed it to myself to at least try them.  I wasn’t expecting anything like those round mounds of deliciousness. In fact, later, I asked him to make sure to include his cake flour pancakes regularly aboard Seaview now. Maybe once or twice a week.

Harry just laughed at me. Probably had a bet with Doc and Chip that their little plot  wouldn't  work. I’m not too skinny! I just don’t want to gain  ten pounds or so each cruise that happens to most sub crews.

Anyway, Harry and I  had a good time just watching  TV and later a football game. He ordered pizza and I’m sorry to say I fell asleep before half time. At least he was able to  call Chip over to help him finish it off and keep him company. That was Saturday.

I didn’t wake up till Monday, still  in Harry’s well worn easy chair, with an afghan that Edith had made tucked under my chin. I guess I was more tired than I thought.