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Just because Harry’s away doesn’t mean I’m prowling about spitting tacks and lightning bolts! Besides, scaring the crew is Morton’s job.

So what if I decide to do check on some of his paperwork? So what if I decide to double check the wiring? Nothing like a few little surprise inspections to keep everyone on their toes.  And so what if I wasn’t invited to tag along with Harry to visit his sister in Boston?

I’m almost glad I wasn’t. It’s in all the news, the story about Edith finding a super valuable first edition Moby Dick at a garage sale and giving it to him. I doubt he’ll find it good bedtime reading. Frankly, I don’t care if I never see another whale in my life. Not even the smaller varieties at SeaWorld.

Not that our own ‘Moby Dick’ was the sex crazed denizen that thought Seaview was flaunting herself at him. No, that had been another whale and not nearly the size of this one.  And while ‘Moby’ severely damaged us, ‘Romeo’ merely humiliated us with his, er...attentions.

‘Moby’ was the pet project of the Bryce’s and then the government got involved. No way to back out of the mission. Suffice it to say, Dr. Walter Bryce was a fraud in that he only wanted to kill the beast, not take it’s EKG.

No way was I going to risk my men’s lives to rescue one mad scientist who jumped ship to go kill the thing. I had no choice but to defy Harry’s order. When it comes to Seaview, the buck stops with me. I’m not sure, but I actually thought he was going to fire me.  Even if he had, right there and then, I still wouldn’t have allowed Seaview to return to the last known area we’d encountered the whale.

Then Mrs. Bryce looked at me. Bad enough her husband was insane, now she was going to have to spend the rest of her days as a widow. Damn. I knew it went against my principles. I mean it’s not as if Walter Bryce was one of those ‘not expendable’ scientists or government officials we sometimes get. Risking the lives of more than 125 souls to go get him and bring him back was just plain stupid. And irresponsible. But damn, her watering eyes!

Against my better judgment, though Harry was pleased, I announced we were going back for the man. Of course, I did get in a few barbs at him with my explanation to the crew. After all, they deserved to know why they might die.

In the end though, there wasn’t anything we could do. We were too far away, and the man had gotten tangled in the spear gun’s lines. We watched through the telescopic camera lens as Moby was dragging him under. We couldn’t even bring back his body.

And so it was not a mission accomplished and my baby had to spend the next few weeks in dry dock for repairs.

So, you can imagine that while the reporters are tickled pink about Harry having ‘a whale of a tale’ to add to his library, I can only wonder if he’ll even bring it back with him. Okay, so it’s a classic, but it’s a bit ‘too close to home’, for my taste.

As for my prowling the boat, well, maybe I’ll go ‘inspect’ the galley now. That’ll get Morton’s dander up. Cookie’s familiar with my ‘taste tests,’ and I understand Cherry pie was on the menu. Not often I get first dibs.