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Harry’s going to go to Paris with Edith as soon as they can both figure out when their schedules will allow. I’m surprised he seems a bit mift about it.  Chip’s practically drooling thinking of all the real French Haute Cuisine they’ll be enjoying. And I keep having visions of poor Harry being dragged around from one fashion house to another while Edie tries on the latest versions of this dress or that. I know how bored I was when I was drafted by my mother to ‘help’ pick out something she wanted to surprise Pop with. The fact that I was only 6 at the time hadn’t seemed to matter. She’d wanted my honest opinion. My ‘bored’ look meant the dress had no impact. My verbal ‘Yeech’, meant it was just plain ugly, or ‘ Gee Mom, can we go home yet?’ which meant she really really needed to get someone else to help her shop.

But perhaps Harry’s a better judge of such things.

One thing about the trip sounds good to me. They’re going to visit the Louvre. Probably get the royal treatment too. After all, it was the famous Admiral Nelson of the Seaview that returned their national treasure. It would  be nice to see the Mona Lisa back in her niche. Safe, protected, and admired by all who look upon her. I still wonder what she’s grinning about. If she’d been able, I’m sure she’d have scowled at Logan.

We lost some good men when he’d hijacked Seaview. And it was difficult to inform their relations of their senseless deaths.  Not in the line of duty, not in defense of their country. Just being in the wrong place at the wrong time because of some obsessed madman’s bid to own the Mona Lisa.


Harry just brought me an open ended airline ticket to Paris as he doesn’t know for sure just when the trip will be. Said I could use a little culture. But I know the real reason he wants me to go along. He’s going to make me Edie’s escort about town while he sits in some Bistro waiting for us while enjoying   something called Escargot.  I asked Chip about that dish. Seems it’s one food even Morton isn’t brave enough to try.


Logan and his obsessive compulsion. He has to be insane to value a picture over the lives of innocent men, even if it's worth more than Seaview would be on the open market.
As for his punishment, the courts will decide. He's wanted for robbing the Bank of England too, not to mention some other high profile crimes under a different name. I'm just glad he's off my boat.

As for the lady herself, well, I wouldn't mind paying her a visit at her home. The Louve's a pretty big place, packed to the gills with works of art. But I'd bet Seaview herself that she's the most popular girl in the place!