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Well, at least they know where Lee’s hiding. One of the ventilation shafts. But did he have to  choose one of the most inaccessible shafts  in that it's connected to Conduit 51 ?  Kowalski wasn’t kidding when he warned Lee of the potential harm.

The big question is why? Why would Lee want to hide? Doc says is a psychological disorder due to the amnesia. A kind of morbid depression. Well, Lee’s been depressed before, it’s an occupational hazard being Seaview’s Captain, but he’s never run away before…okay, maybe a few times when he was possessed or mutated, but that’s beside the point.

Chip’s conferring with Doc as I write, waiting for my helicopter, as to what kind of tranquilizer he can use on Lee as he’s convinced Lee won’t come out willingly.

I say, let him just lay low, as sooner or later he’s going to have to pee. And child minded or not, he won’t want to do it in there. Then again, maybe he’s lost all the niceties as well. Used the head in his cabin though…but what the hell do I know…

My heart’s broken that Lee feels so, oh Lord, it’s hard to say it, worthless. Worthless? Meaningless? Hollow? Lee? Banish the thought. He’s the most esteemed, cherished, respected, and precious man I’ve ever known. Treasured by his crew, valued by his friends, and loved…yes, loved…especially by me. Only Lee doesn’t realize it. It’s like he’s in a waking coma. Alive but not alive. And it’s killing him, not knowing himself to be that man.

I’m grateful for once that Seaview is on a military mission, for the Navy is flying me out to her for a chopper drop. Not the easiest way to get aboard, but no way am I letting him fight this solitary hell he’s in without me. I know Chip’s tried. So has Jiggs. Still, come hell or high water, I’m going to be there for my boy.

The staff at NIMR have been praying for him. No doubt everyone aboard has been too. Oh God, just bring my boy back to me…