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Lee’s in a bad mood. Even the girls in the office have complained he’s been short tempered and agitated. Not the best way to win friends and influence new contracts for Seaview’s services.

It’s not altogether his fault. Lee’s absolutely furious that I may have no choice but to include a man in the list of scientists joining us next week who’s one of those re-written history buffs. You know, the kind  that say we never landed on the moon, or that the Holocaust never happened. In fact, the professor’s known to be a card carrying member of the current Nazi party, his views protected by the bill of rights and a plethora of lawyers who’ll be on my tail if I refuse to include him due to his political beliefs.

We’ve had problems with Nazi’s before and Lee’s having a difficult time believing that just because I’d previously been  kidnapped in an attempt by Col. Alfred Schroder, Fuhrer wannabe, that Seaview might again be sought again  in order for fanatics to help create that failed ‘world order’.

I offered Lee some time off, and that Chip could take the conn,  but he stared at me and told me that there was no way in hell (his words) that he’d abandon me to face a potential situation like we’d had with Schroder. (I’d been drugged, parachuted to South America, and incarcerated in a prison camp-why? To lure Seaview to my rescue in the attempt to trap her with submarine nets, and provide him a platform from which to start WW3 with her missiles.)

In any case, brains (mine, and that of my fellow incarcerees) managed to thwart his plans and Seaview was never trapped.

Could it happen again? No doubt as long as there is evil in the world. However, all passengers have been completely checked with the CIA and National Security and it’s just a little mission to investigate some newly discovered pillow stones in the Bermuda Triangle. Lee will just have to put up with it.

If, however, his fears are realized, I’ve apologized in advance. (Should we survive, that is)