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Jiggs called a while ago and  urged  me to  consider some new computers for both NIMR offices and for Seaview that NCIS has had some success with.  In fact, he stressed  that the data from trial runs indicate that this new super computer system is  ‘so sophisticated that if installed, could practically run NIMR and Seaview all by itself.’

Lee,  of course, who was listening with me on the speaker phone ,  just turned  tail  shaking his head and left me to converse with my old friend in private.

It’s not that Lee doesn’t appreciate technology. In fact we’ve often had clashes over which advice he should consider if mere mind power isn’t enough to figure something out , mine, or the computer’s. Nine times out of ten, the microchips win and I spend the rest of the cruise with my tail between my legs in my cabin.

When I explained to Jiggs those very words were given to us about Restin’s super computer and the disastrous results we’d had, he countered with the fact that it wasn’t really the computer’s fault. It wasn’t responsible for  an enemy power planting a man aboard whose  sole aim was to sabotage Seaview and kill Lee, then  return both of them to us  having obtained the computer’s secrets.

I had to promise Jiggs that I’d think about it. Perhaps Chip’s friend McGee can give us a bit more info on this new whatchamacallit system. No doubt should we test it out, I’ll insist on more than person aboard. Safety in numbers against stowaways up to no good. And if something should fail, at least one of their own experts nearby to fix it.

I found Lee later, aboard Seaview (where else), broody, moody, and brushing his hand across one bulkhead after another, not to mention petting them. Nobody’s been able to figure out if he regards her more as a pet or a wife. He really needs to get out more.  In fact, now that Edith’s left for Boston, I think I’ll ask the boys out to the baseball game tonight . Nothing like hot dogs and mustard (or Ketchup if you’re Chip), and a couple of hours of hyped up yelling and screaming for your favorite team to win to dampen the stress of the day. If that doesn’t take his mind off of computers I don’t know what will.




Upon Seaview's return,  I had security pull some of the interior caps fo rthe official report. At the time we didn't have the technology we have now for interactive survelience.


All alone. Nothing to do but babysit so nobody can claim Seaview as derelict.


Lee taking one last look as the automated computer takes Seaview out. I think it's time to clean the algea on the dock.


Calling home for instructions about the blackout aboard. We didn't hear from Lee again until he returned.


Realizing he's not alone after he discovered a sabotaged radio.


And the hunt began.



While Lee was checking the Missile Room, the torpedo rack 'accidentally' fell on toop of him. He was lucky not to have been crushed. As it was, his calf and ankle were trapped underneath one of the torpedoes.



He managed to walk, with a bit of stumbling, still trying to find his enemy, but was lured into the ballast pump locker and locked in.



The smallest compartment aboard, Lee was nearly asphixiated when his air was turned off. But my boy Lee found a way out...the ballast tank!




Returning to the Control Room, Lee sabotaged Seaview's controls to put her on the bottom to lure the man in. No gun (the weapons locker was empty now  and he'd used his entire clip), his only weapons, his bare hands, and his mind.
It was going to be life or death battle.




In the end it was Seaview that was victorious. Thanks to some quick thinking on Lee's part.


We all went out to dinner after  Doc checked and bandaged Lee up. Not only were his leg and ankle bady sprained, he had some significant bruises, including around his neck where he'd nearly been strangled. Doc also gave him some antibiotics to ward off any beasties from the stagnant ballast tank water.

Any wonder that we might be adverse to any new whatchamacalit computers?