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Just Desserts

Officially I‘d returned to NIMR via the flying sub  to catalog  specimens Seaview had captured, but Lee knew, Chip knew, the crew knew and I knew that my real reason was just to get away from my boy’s constant bickering!

Now come to find out Lee’s entered (hoodwinked) Chip into the marathon himself. No way Chip will back down.

‘Just Desserts’ Lee is said to have snickered,(must be a private joke Doc thought, as he spoke to me via the videophone) now that Morton has to abide by his own strict rules of training.

Be that as it may, Angie noticed me panting a bit harder and having a hard time catching my breath than she deemed  reasonable after I ‘d taken the stairs. Before I  knew it, one of the doctors from the Med Bay came over, took my blood pressure, blood sugar and promptly ordered some tests.

It seemed before I could even turn around on the treadmill,(I was attached to all sorts of wires and electrodes), he disqualified me from running the marathon, or even the half marathon, let alone take the stairs and contacted the officials to that effect. He also blasted me for thinking I could run with my smoking habit.

It that wasn’t enough, he blasted my personal trainer for not being certified in either sports medicine or as a physical trainer.  (He’d never claimed to be, I argued.  I’d hired him because he’d run the damn things for more than ten years-what better trainer could there be?)

But, despite the fact that I’ve strengthened several muscles, I had to admit, in the end, that my endurance isn’t what it should be,  my blood pressure is  elevated, and my lungs just can’t handle anything more than a walk around the Institute. And it seems all those energy drinks and  so called healthful juices were so loaded with sugars that my blood sugar was dangerously high.  

If I’m honest with myself, while my entrance fee is non-refundable, it’s a bit of a relief not to be in the field of contenders. It’s just that I don’t want to disappoint Lee. He was looking forward to having a running partner, though I doubt he really ever thought I’d be able to keep up with him and has trained to win. But knowing Lee Crane, well, I’m sure  he would have lagged behind the day of the event just to make me feel better.

At least I can join the crew and staff as we cheer both my boys on  from the various checkpoints  on the big day.

Thing is, I don’t want Lee or anyone feeling sorry for me…so I’ve taped some bandages around my ankle. No doubt they’ll think my withdrawing is due to an Achilles tendon and I’ve sworn the Med Bay to silence about it. My trainer’s already gone off to help some celebrity in Hollywood shed a few pound and sculpt some abs so there shouldn’t be a problem with him blabbing.  At least until after the event.

The committee has already chosen the kinds of refreshments that will be along the route to keep the runners hydrated properly, but as a sponsor at least I can contribute to the party afterwards.

I’m thinking fun food. Hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos, maybe  s’mores, even doughnuts. The Jelly filled kind with powdered sugar. Got to give my boys their just desserts!