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Lee got off light missing supper with Edith last night. She’s pestering me about Paris now. Thinks I need a vacation. Wants me to go on a whirlwind tour and visit the Louvre with her and view the Mona Lisa in particular. How can I tell her that as much as I’d like to see that pigmented lady in her proper home, my personal experience with her tells  me to  stay the  hell away from her. She’s just too much trouble.


It all began one night when Seaview was hijacked. Lee later read me the riot act about our lack of security. But who would have guessed Mr. Logan had a man on the inside who caused the paint shop fire, bogus  fire trucks, and trained (and armed) submariners with big guns.


His mission, to force the Lorraine, the pride of the French Navy, to turn over the Mona Lisa, enroute to the World’s Fair, on pain of Seaview blowing her up.


And so she  silently in the Observation Nose, waiting for us  to get command of our sub back. It was an all hands operation, not that we had very many.   Lee  climbed through the ventilation shaft to cut our missile control wires just in case the madman decided to fire on the Lorraine anyway. Which is exactly what he’d planned.  


It was a little more difficult to get to the auxiliary gyro controls to make Seaview lurch to throw our captors off balance. Our men, also incarcerated and  roughed up, staged Ski’s sickness in their successful attempt to overtake their guards. We used the vent shafts to pour tear gas into the boat, and the mini sub’s high tensile strength canopy as a bullet proof shield to ward off some of the bullets.



But it was the lady herself who defeated Logan. When Igor, his Captain didn’t mind shooting at us, risking the painting, Logan shot him and surrendered. He  along with his crew are going to be incarcerated for a long long time.


But back to the present. While we awaited Lorraine to retrieve the Mona Lisa, Lee seemed a bit maudlin, wondering, like most poets and philosophers, just what she was smiling about.


It most assuredly wasn’t my upcoming trip to Paris with my sister.



The little lady who caused all the trouble.

It was after the fact that we were able to restore our internal security and maintenance cameras. Some are still damaged or malfunctioning.


Lee heard the commotion topside first.



Decked by one of our hijackers in the Control Room where we were taken to met Logan.


Logan and Igor, his mercenary Captain.

SecCam V2

Lee cutting the missisle firing control lines. Had to hurry before our captors came back to the cabin we were locked in.


All hostage, all at risk. Igor's crew had no problem dispatching whom they wished, the cold blooded murderers.
Lee  managed to switch off the auxillary gyro controls  while Logan had us brought to the Control Room again and waxed on about his plans. The rock and roll caught our hijackers off guard.and we were able to escape to the Missile Room.


Patterson taking the tube we were pumping  tear gas with  through the vents.


Using the canopy as a bullet proof shield as we used hand held tear gas canisters against our captors bullets.


Lee surprised our highjackers another way. 


Patterson  storming the Observation Nose.


Chip's vantage point.

And so out manuevered, and not wanting to risk damage to the painting, Logan surrendered