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About Me

Name: Harriman Nelson and frankly I don’t know what the hell I’m doing with a blog! It was ‘suggested’ to me that it would be medically advantageous. Ha! An intrusion of privacy, that’s what it is. But I’ll do it if only to keep my Chief Medical Officer from pestering me to death about it!

Hair: Red, that is until it rapidly began to be streaked with gray after I resumed my acquaintance with Lee Crane. Was and still am delighted about that, however, working and living with Lee aboard Seaview has multiplied the stress level for all of us.

Not altogether his fault. It’s just that he still feels compelled to accept some special assignments from ONI that he’d be better without. He hardly ever comes back unscathed, not to mention all of the rough and tumbles he continually takes just skippering Seaview.  Of course, without him at the helm, so to speak, there’s a very great possibility that I wouldn’t be here discussing it on this blog at all.  I’d be pushing up daisies or seaweed. One thing, having Crane at my side, it’s never boring.

Eyes: Baby blue,  Sky blue,  Light blue,  depending on which of the Admin. Staff is filling out the paperwork.

Hobbies: My work.  A bone of contention between Lee and me. Ever since he settled his skinny butt on the edge of my desk and demanded I take a little time off from the office.  Actually, it’s not that bad.  He hardly ever pressures me to go sky diving or bungee jumping. And I do enjoy a little time out fishing, or sailing with him. It’s just that he rents the worst boats, whether powered or sail, claiming they look lonely,  and hands me a bucket to bail with grinning all the while!!

Then he buys the damn things (at a bargain he says, though even I can almost see the words ‘sucker’ stamped on his forehead) and spends some of his free time ashore, sanding all the rotting wood,  making sure he includes me in his fun.

While I'm nursing the splinters in my fingertips, he grins and says aren't I glad that  I’m breathing pure, unrecycled air and getting some Vitamin D from all that sunshine.

Is it any wonder I tend to hide in the visitor’s head as soon as Seaview hits port to avoid being drafted for some of Lee's fun and games? Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy my time with Crane, I really do.


Favorite Food and Drink
Caviar (Doesn't have to be Beluga)
Fried Oysters
Spaghetti and Meatballs (the canned stuff)
Old fashioned chocolate fudge with walnuts
Ice cold milk on a hot day or after a long patrol with only the canned or powdered stuff
Scotch (Lesser brands are passable, I prefer the aged malt)
Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches
Roast Beef with all the trimmings (Mashed potatoes, gravy, etc)
Apple Pie with any kind of vanilla ice cream (Lee's taken me to task about that, claims home churned is the only way to go- I'll have to take him up on that some time, heck, I'll pay for the ingredients if he'll do the cranking)

Favorite films
David Copperfield
Ben Hur
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Yankee Doodle Dandy

Took me awhile to find some of my old pictures. Old is right. Cheech, has time flown!

Midshipman Nelson

My mother carried these snapshots in her purse. Some of them haven't aged as well as I have.

Lt. Nelson

Lt. Cmdr. H. Nelson aboard the Spitfire