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Thank God for Lee. I can’t count how many time’s I’m tempted to go on bended knee and make it official.

We’d tracked a UFO that had splashed into the sea, and Admiral Tobin was of the opinion that we were being invaded by little green men bearing  big guns.  There just wasn’t a way to convince him otherwise, invitation to use their transportation pod notwithstanding.


Lee didn’t want me to go alone, though. But this was my call. Turned out the spaceship was here by mistake. And didn’t have enough fuel to go home, at least not until his rescue party arrived. And that would really have been seen as an invasion, especially if we’d used our firepower and they retaliated with a fleet of larger, more powerful crafts that could destroy a good part of the planet.


In any case I promised the alien some of our Strontium pellets and was returned to Seaview. That’s   when Tobin ordered Lee to put me under arrest so he could start global destruction. (Of course, he didn’t see it that way, simply wanted Seaview to fire on the downed flying saucer-and it really did look like a movie mogul’s version of a B movie craft.


Lee began to move, stiff, formally placing me under arrest, then the sly fox dashed out of my cabin and locked us in!


A little while later we were released by a crewman who said the Captain indicated we had a problem with the lock.  Tobin was spouting doom and gloom as Lee used the transport pod to deliver the Strontium and returned shortly by the same odd craft.


The spaceship, now fueled up,  got the hell out of Dodge’ so to speak,  and I still wonder if they’ll remember they were treated as friends.  And I still thank God that Lee believed in my theory that our visitor was simply that and saved the day.

Kowalski's rendition of what the alien looked like to me.

After it was discovered that both Lee and I had seen the alien as ourselves, Kowalski couldn't resist a bit of artwork, pestering us with our descriptions of the inside of the spaceship. Not too bad a result either. That boy's got talent!

The alien as Lee saw it.