Pets on Parade

Sue's Whiskers
Sharon H.'s Fins
Suellen's Whiskers
Nancy's Whiskers
Tina's Whiskers
Sue's Whiskers
Dizzy Dolphin's Whiskers
Sharon H.'s Fins
Rita's Whiskers
Catfish's Whiskers


Muffet came to us when a neighbor wasn’t taking care of her and she spotted a sucker down the road. First we set up a warm box for her on the porch and then we opened the door. In she came….  When the neighbors moved, she stayed.

Taking A Snooze

I did find a picture of Sammy, our little Chiweenieterrier. He came to us when a friend couldn’t keep him and we couldn’t stand to take him to the pound. 15 lbs of lion, full of energy and vigor. I don’t know if he keeps our 11 yr. old dog younger or wears her out… 


Diego is a pound kitty I picked out 11 years ago. He was named during my Zorro phase and is quite the handsome boy although he is slowing up with age.


Skipper was another pound kitty threatened with destruction when we got him. Like our favorite skipper, he does seem to like tight places. Unlike our skipper, he’s added some pounds, which makes fitting into the tight places difficult.