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Suellen's Whiskers
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Sharon H.'s Fins
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Sinba as a youngster

In the summer of 2009, I was laid off from my job but was recalled several weeks later.  It took me a week to realize that Sinba was lonely due to that situation.  But I was laid off again so that took care of that issue for the time being.


Christmas 2009 had me attempting to get a companion for Sinba but Santa didn't seem to want to cooperate, therefore in January 2010, I decided to go pick up the kitten myself since the person who had her was too busy to deliver her.


I knew sooner or later a job would come to me and Sinba would be lonely again.

Pussy footing

Both kitties like to get on the roof via a tree.  They also sumo wrestle which makes me stop what I am doing to watch them.  LOL

Sinba is more gentle than Nibbles.

Peek a boo

Radiant heat

Sinba came to me at 6 months old in 2007.  He was a hand- me- down from my sister because my niece is allergic to cats.  I have always loved cats and was never without one.  Very soon, I learned this kitty was crazy. LOL

 I nicknamed him "Krazy Kitty" as well as "Sinba the Magnificent".Within two weeks I rescued him from a pitbull attack.

Nibbles on the DSL

Nibbles was just a kitten when she came to her new home.  She was somewhat leery of Sinba and he was curious. However, they warmed up to each other and got along great. 


I have nicknamed Nibbles as "Niblet" and "the brat". 

Nap time

I swear Sinba was a mom in another life because he will give Nibbles baths, etc.  He seems to be protective of her which is a good thing.   Nibbles will get into all kinds of mischief including climbing the curtains, climbing into bed UNDER the bottom sheet and will bring toys to bed to play with.  She loves milk rings.  I have found toys in my shoes as well.