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Dizzy Dolphin's Whiskers

Sharon H.'s Fins
Suellen's Whiskers
Nancy's Whiskers
Tina's Whiskers
Sue's Whiskers
Dizzy Dolphin's Whiskers
Sharon H.'s Fins
Rita's Whiskers
Catfish's Whiskers


TFA Once Upon a Dream
Barn name: Zia
Sire: Ra-Tassas Asam  Dam: Shaizia
                                          Grand Sire: Simeon Shai


Not sure if they qualify, being in an apartment I can't have 'live ins' but there are 'critters' in my life.
I leave the show riding to my middle daughter but I'm in the ring handing out ribbons etc. and often enjoy getting to present ones to 'my team'. 
We're not sure Zia realizes she's a horse, likes to cuddle people as evidence by the pic of her with my granddaughter.  Also has a tendency to try to leap into my arms for protection when spooked.  As you can imagine this tends to send me rapidly backwards!







Oscar and Olive


Not pets exactly but they do have whiskers and I spend a lot of time with Oscar and Olive and their offspring each year. 
They've gotten so used to me hanging out on the rocks with them that they come within 2 feet of me to say Hi. 
While male otters don't necessarily stick around to raise the kids Oscar always has.  I think he enjoys teaching them to fish etc.  I tried to find a pic showing the entire family, the tend to be very active so hard to get them all together.  Four was an unusual large litter for them, usually it's around 2, although River Otters can have up to 6 pups.