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Why is it that whenever Lee brings the boat home ,or after he’s been off on assignment with ONI, he’s hurt or sick or something, that I have to content myself with living with a grumpy bear or visiting him at the Med Center! Well, okay, I’m exaggerating. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it sure happens a lot!


There I was, ready to surprise him with reservations for the coffee tasting expo, when he groaned, clutched his side and keeled over. At first I thought he was joking. It was all over the institute that they’d had some kind of mishap and had to get some Navy coffee in a pinch. Believe, me, Cookie’s brew is 100 times stronger than the official stuff. But Lee likes it that way.


I’ve been determined to help him acquire a taste for the more refined stuff and thought a nice long weekend at a five star hotel would be just the thing as it’s happening to host a coffee tasting expo. And it’s being run along with a ‘Breakfasts Around the World’.


But it turned out that Lee was really sick from  an infection he got from of all things, a swordfish, had gotten out of control.  If I was livid, Doc was furious. Apparently he’d given Lee the A-OK, that the wounds were healing nicely, but the infection had apparently gotten into his bloodstream on a more microscopic level than Seaview’s equipment could discover from simple blood tests.


In any case, with a new antibiotic, Lee’s been released from his incarceration (his term, not mine) at the Med Bay into my custody, with strict instructions to keep him home, in bed. ‘Tthat won’t be a problem’ Lee smirked but then Doc said ‘NO Extracurricular activities’ so I’m stuck (like I said) with a really grumpy bear. Well, maybe not as grumpy as Doc said he was aboard Seaview when they didn’t have any coffee! So I should consider myself lucky.


In any case, Chip and Cookie decided to go to the expo for  Cookie are going to ‘get up close and personal’ with various coffee beans and maybe bring us some of the exotic stuff. But Lee knows and I know, and Chip and Cookie know that we know that Chip is just going for the food.


I doubt it will do any good. Once I purchased an exotic blend from Starbucks called Hawaii Ka’u Lee and Lee simply said it was okay. Sometimes there’s just no living with him!


When Lee’s better, I’m going to ask him to take me to Starbucks and we’ll have our own coffee tasting contest! Of course, he won’t know that I’ve already asked Cookie to bring some of Seaview’s along.


They’re already taking bets on which Lee will choose. Even Nelson’s plunked down the cost for our private little contest and placed his own bet that Lee will choose, ‘naturally’ he said, Seaview’s brew over all the fancy stuff. I’m not so sure. After all, Lee did kind of like the Thanksgiving blend with hints of cocoa, spices, and herbs. (Will wonders never cease!)


Well, I have to run. Grumpy Bear wants to know where his end of cruise reports are!


Sometimes living with Lee Crane can be a very trying thing.  Of course, after Doc checks him out again, and maybe gives him the ‘all clear’, who knows? After all, I  have a lovely new teddi I’d like him to see. And I don’t mean the furry kind.

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