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My blog-page 7-Sleeping with Lee

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Sleeping with Lee


Sometimes it’s just impossible to sleep with Lee. I mean the zzz’s kind of sleep. To be blunt,  Lee snores.   And trust me, snoring is not the way to win friends and influence lovers.   It’s not always that bad, but there are those times when I have to wake him, or simply retire to the sofa in the living room so I can sleep. He’s apologetic, but thinks I’m over reacting. I suppose he’s so used to noise aboard Seaview that he can’t imagine the ‘soft ‘ life without it.


I’ve tried to encourage him to speak to Jamison. Sometimes Lee’s snoring is akin to a motorcycle revving up and I’m sure there could be an underlying medical problem, but will Lee listen to me? Oh no, he tickles me under the chin and says I’ll just have to get used to it.


Could that mean he’s considering taking our relationship to the next level? As wonderful as that sounds,  I can’t see having to put up with that nasal noise  on a regular basis!


I bought some of those little nose strips that were supposed to open nasal passages from  colds and allergies in the hopes they’d work for snoring too, but he jokes that I’m practicing medicine without a license. Still, he did try it. But alas, they haven’t really helped.


There are other little things about Lee that make me hesitate about us maybe living together or even marriage, if he can ever bring himself to ask. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a nag. Really, I’m not. But I can’t count how many times he’s forgotten to put the toilet seat down! That’s bad enough, but he also drinks milk and cactus juice straight from the carton!  And at his own place he  leaves leftovers in the fridge so long  I’m tempted to call the Center for Disease Control or Nelson’s egghead scientist buddies (as Lee calls them) to come over and dissect the fuzzy food. Now, I understand he’s away a good deal of the time, but it’s just as much a problem when he’s ashore!


He also leaves tissues wherever he’s used them. He’s not that sloppy aboard his boat, is he? Doubtful, they have regulations and it wouldn’t do for the Captain to ignore them. I’m just his girlfriend, so I don’t count, I guess. He also sheds his shoes and socks as soon as he comes indoors, but leaves them lying any old place he takes them off. Perhaps I’ll have to ask Nelson if Lee knows the meanings of the words ‘closet’ or  ‘hamper’.


 Maybe this sloppiness is his way of ‘letting go’   after all that military tidiness ( without so much as a crease out of place)  but as much as I love it when Lee goes ‘native’,  I wish he’d have a little consideration when we’re sharing space.    


I know he’s getting more and more aggravated  with my complaints  and maybe I’ve mentioned them all  a bit  too much, but is it really too much to ask for a little consideration? After all, I’ve shared my time, and bed with him, without benefit of clergy, thank you very much. You’d  think he’d at least, well, abide by my reasonable wishes.


I’ve thought about relinquishing ‘visiting’ privileges until he complies, but the thought of waking up without him next to me the times we do have time together, well, I guess I’m just going to have to put up with  all of his little faults. No way I want to risk losing him to being  ‘hen pecked’. That’s what they’re all saying, I know.  


He's just returned from walking the dog. And there he goes again, taking off his shoes and socks….and giving me his ‘come hither’ look.


Somehow I don’t think I’m going to complain about him leaving the seat up  tonight either.