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My NIMR photo
Job title:
Communications Specialist 2

I've been with NIMR since it's inception. Captain John Phillips was responsible for hiring me. It's still hard to belive he's gone. It was all still a dream back then, the Institute and Seaview.
I had graduated from a Business College, so diploma in one hand, and job advertisement in another I headed to the trailer set up on a rather barren spot overlooking the sea. The land had been for sale about one day when it was snatched up by Admiral Harriman Nelson.
We'd all wondered if he was just another millionaire who wanted a seafront villa even if it was a bit run down. But now the house had been converted into an office building and they were still working on it. Something down by the beach too.
Captain Phillips had been a Navy man as Nelson had been, and explained (a bit wearily, after seeing I don't know how many applicants) about Nelson's dream for a research institute and submarine. I was a bit awed to say the least, and have no idea why I was hired over so many others. But one thing I do know. I love my job, my employers, and my 'NIMR family'. 

Favorite Movies:

Any old 'B' movies

The Cat From Outer Space

Ben Hur

Witness for the Prosecution


Favorite Foods
Homemade Bread
Fresh fruit

High School Yearbook picture