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My Boyfriend, Lee

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and well, you know the rest of the story-sort of. It hasn't come to that point yet. Hey we've only known each other a short time. He's just starting to make a habit of taking me out to dinner, to the beach, and pretty much driving Angie crazy.


It's impossible even for 'sarge' not to drool over him and she even found things she needed to ‘inform’ him of, just so she could drop down to his office and gaze at him. It got the point that Nelson asked Lee what he’d been forgetting to read, sign, etc. and if he was overwhelmed with all the paperwork. After all, he’d hired Lee to be Seaview’s Captain, not a file clerk.


But when Nelson discovered that Patricia and Katie had been taking rather long coffee breaks away from their respective employee lounges as well as Angie to say hello, or to see how well he was fitting in to his new digs, well, the boss shrugged his shoulders and has learned to live with the fact that his Captain is ‘hot’ and his staff of the female gender were simply going to take advantage of it. As long as the work still gets done on time, he’s not going to make an issue of it.



As for Lee, well, the weird thing is, he knows he’s appealing. After all, he’s been cute all his life, but he doesn’t flaunt it. Much, anyway. I can’t believe he doesn’t know the lure of those lowered eyelashes or that pleading puppy look like when he wanted just ‘one more’ cookie.  


I’d baked some for the weekly staff meeting. But that ‘one more’ cookie turned into ‘no more left’ for Morton. I believe he must have received one of the XO’s noted glares for Lee later returned to work the next Monday with some homemade brownies for his XO.  Okay, so they were a bit on the burnt side, but he’d tried, he really had, to appease his second in command’s tummy.


And Morton, well, he was embarrassed that he’d made a fuss, if silent, and the two tried to down the brownies in their coffee and finally gave up. Morton told him, ‘Don’t give up your day job, sir’, and then told him if he wanted to offer him brownies, ask his girlfriend (and pointed to me) to make them, even if they were from a box. (Lee used one of those only add water mixes. Still one must know how to read and follow directions.) In his own defense, he’s a sub commander, not a homemaker.


And nobody, but nobody in hearing, which was just about everyone, objected to the term 'girlfriend' applied to me. Not even Angie. Perhaps she’ll keep her paws to herself now. But I doubt it. Lee is simply, well Lee. And quite irresistible.


Especially when he gets a few days off in succession, like after a mission. He tends to ‘go native’. A term I use when he goes unshaven and unkempt.


Oh yes. Irresistible is my boyfriend Lee.