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Chip Morton's Journal

My Journal

My name is Chip and I've decided to keep a journal. Not because anyone asked me to. In fact, when I discovered Lee and Nelson had one I was a little annoyed that, 1. Doc kind of ordered them to, and 2. that I was left out of the loop, (not that either of them are sharing), except with Doc.

I don't have to make mine a 'retroactive journal', I can enter whatever I like. Thoughts, memories, pictures, whatever.

I'm not thrilled with today's media technology, though I do appreciate a good software program. So, this is kind of an experiment, and I'll welcome your thoughts and comments- have a heart, though, I'm kind of new to this)

And so, welcome. I'm not sure what and when I'll be including stuff. I'm kind of busy with my job.


Me aboard SSRN Seaview