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Chip Morton's Journal

Call me Sherlock-page 1

Admiral  Starke’s  a concern again. Not only did he bust in on Lee and Nelson’s BBQ plans, Lee told me later that he’s been acting weird, Starke that is, friendly even! Like he  wants to be chummy  with Lee to the point of being almost as paternal as Nelson.

Lee’s  on edge, and if I know Nelson, I’m sure he is too. What the devil is up? And it’s my duty  to Lee, not only as a friend, but as his XO, to help figure it out.

My first source? Check with Lee’s partner in crime (secret agent stuff ,that is) to see if he’s noticed anything odd. No man in ComSubPac  is closer to his boss than his aide at least as far as behavior is concerned.

I have to admit that sometimes I ‘m a bit jealous of Jackson. He and Lee have been best buddies since before the Academy. Add to that they’re both ONI field agents, and you have a brotherhood that’s tighter than the closest of siblings.   

While I’ll have to wait to get in touch as Jackson’s  on leave (ha, yeah, sure, just like Lee is when he’s off on assignment) I have my own theory on what Starke’s problem  could be.  

JAG is setting up a jury pool for a recent and newsworthy mutiny at sea. Could it be that Starke wants Lee to sit as a juror? Maybe the ship’s Captain is a friend of Starke’s. (Doubtful any Captain could be!) but Lee would still  most likely be disqualified due to his own little jaunt with naval disobedience when he himself mutinied.  

Or could Starke simply be lonely? Nelson’s mentioned that on occasion, though the guy’s married and has grown children and grandchildren enough to keep him busy. Why pick on Lee to be a ‘pal?’ Lee agreed to play a few rounds of golf with him while he’s in Santa Barbara, among other things, but I know his heart’s not in it. And Nelson’s acting a bit jealous about that, as he can’t make it due to a plethora of business meetings.

So poor Lee’s stuck in the middle. Has no choice but to be sociable with the man, but no doubt he’d rather take Nelson sailing than Captain Bligh.

Perhaps he should change his name to Fletcher Christian.



Joe Jackson

Special Agent McGee helped me morph Lt. Cmdr. Joe Jackson.  No doubt this is what he'll look like when I ask him for help.