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Chip Morton's Journal

About Me

Name: Chip Morton
It's rumored that  my Mom went into labor over a bag of potato chips, or  my grandfather simply took one look at me and said, 'Well, he's certainly a chip off the old block!' and that  the name stuck. The fact remains, it's on my birth certificate as Chip, even if my Mom sometimes scolded 'Charles Philip Morton!' when she was mad about something. Maybe it was a misunderstanding at the hospital or a typo or something but  they never bothered to change it legally.
There's no middle name listed on that little piece of paper either. That caused a lot of problems with the Navy.  'Why, Morton, didn't you completely fill out that form? Your middle name's missing!' Cheech, can't a guy live in today's society without a middle name? Could be worse though, I might have been saddled with something a bit...well...odd, like Lee's. Can you imagine it? Beauregard?? He doesn't talk about it much. And I learned quickly to avoid the topic.
Eyes: Blue
Sometimes they're a mixed blessing. Girls like them. A bit much. Kind of hard to juggle my dates!
Hair: Blond
When I was a kid, it was actually kind of platinum. Kind of straight. Not a curly mop like Lee's. He even gets a raindrop close to him, and it goes all girly. I love to tease him about it.

Painting of me as a Middie

My Mom gave a painter friend of hers one of the official pictures the Navy made of us Middies and this is the result. Not too bad, but it makes me look as if I have a mutton whiskers on of my cheeks. Oh well, it's the thought that counts. I can't find the original photo, and I'm sure not going to ask her. She doesn't know about this blog. And no doubt she'd want me to enter this and that and heaven knows what else.


Favorite Movies

B movies mostly, the ones we saw on TV as kids, really liked 'The Fly'. Told Lee he was a real ringer for the lead. I also like to taunt him with 'help me, help me' at times. Really gets him riled! 

Some I like with a bowl of popcorn and beer. Really appreciate a good oldie;   Lon Chaney and Tyrone Power especially. I guess you'd call Ty a kind of role model. And from what I hear, he was a real okay guy too, espeically for Hollywood. Did his stint in WW2 as a Marine pilot. That's my kind of guy.

As for the girls, well, any film with a prety girl in is fine by me! Unless of course, I have a date. Then I choose a scary movie so she can cling to me for support. Do I know how to snare 'em or not.

Favorite foods:
Hmm. That's a toughy. I'm not picky like Lee or a 'gourmet' like Nelson. I mean, RAW OYSTERS? Yuk!! Must be a Boston thing. Now, Lee's idea of a good meal is a fried egg sandwich wtih garlic and ketchup, and maybe peanut butter french toast when he's nostalgic for his Mom's home cooking. (Which I hear really isn't all that good).
I'd choose my Mom's pot roast and good old fashioned apple pie as my number one and two all time favorites.
I like milk.(Hey you can tell I'm a submariner can't you-most of us do-especially after a long patrol. And Beer of course, any of them. Frankly I can't tell the difference between one brew and another. Don't tell Anhouser-Bush! (Probably didn't even spell it right- hey I'm a sub driver, not an English teacher!)