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Chip Morton's Journal

This and That

I had no idea that Lee had had a cat! As a middie? If it weren't Lee, it would have been impossible. When he asked me how I knew, I admitted that Doc had let it slip.
Boy, was Lee p.o'd. Not that I knew he'd kept a cat (which was way out of bounds for midshipmen), but that something he'd written about in confidence (only Doc has access to his blog) had slipped, no matter how innocently. Doc and I were discussing my sister's cat and it's excessive hairballs. Jamie let it slip that he wondered if Lee's cat had had the same problem...
In any case, Nelson threatened to put our good doctor on report with the AMA. But Lee, the wounded party, talked him out of it. (Maybe he was concerned about retribution in the way of those long sharp pointed needles Doc has to use every so often with broad spectrum antibiotics and such
After all,Lee said,  he hadn't had to start the blog. It had only been 'suggested' by Doc, (same thing by the way!) and he should have known that sooner or later, I would have found out even without it. After all, he hadn't managed to keep it a secret from the Superintendant of the Academy for long.
I sure wanted to know more, but Lee just smirked and let me stew. I'm writing to his friend Joe. Maybe he knows something. Or maybe I can talk Lee into sharing his blog with me. (Which is doubtful, 'cause if he allows me access, he'd have to allow Nelson, and that would void the whole reason Doc wants them to keep the damn things seperate!)
Sometimes, it's not easy being friends with Lee and Nelson.
PS. I wonder friends out in cyberland, what kind of cat do you suppose it was?