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Chip Morton's Journal

My photo album

Chief 'Curley' Jones

In Loving Memory
Chief 'Curly' Jones
Our former Chief of the Boat. Nobody ever really knew how he got the 'Curly'. Maybe Nelson did, but never said.
I know the Admiral especially was really crushed when Curly died. Lee, well, Lee was taking it personally, like he does most things, and it was up to me to help them both with their grief. Nelson bottled it up, so did Lee. If anything they acted sooooo Navy for awhile. I guess using the increased discipline to hide under.
But after awhile and a little Chip Morton TLC, they soon returned to normal. (If 'normal' is a term you can use with either of them. Yes, I really ought to write that book.
PS  the Cover is from the older uniforms we had before the Navy Reserve Board politely told us to use the official Navy issue from now on.

Chief F.E. Sharkey

Nelson hired Chief Francis E. Sharkey to replace Curly.
At first we had a difficult time of it, as I'm sure he did. But now, Lee can hardly be ten minutes late for a meeting or something (when we're ashore) and I swear the man almost starts to hyperventilate.
Of course, I get a bit panicy too. Especially when Lee fails to inform us he had a late tire or had to drive whichever of his harem he'd taken to lunch he'd had to take home first.
More often than not, he's late because he's been galivanting off somewhere playing James Bond. The Chief believes it's his sacred duty to raise the alarm and have Doc standing by with  a resucistator and whole blood.
Actually it's good to have someone else do the alarm thing, so while the Chief gets everything waiting and ready for our errant Skipper, I  can concentrate on calling ONI for details (if they decide to share any info-they hardly ever do) and help calm the Admiral down.

Experimental Morph I made of Lee

Ain't technology great! When I showed Lee this he simply groaned and began to mutter to himself waving his arms about as he headed aft. Nelson, however, was intrieged. He want's one of himself. But now I can't remember how I did it. I'd better contact NCIS and Special Agent McGee. He's really good at computer stuff.

Nelson at his desk at NIMR

Nelson wasn't exactly happy  later on that he let Lee take this picture. Seems sister Edith showed it to somebody and they began to pester him about selling the Remington sculpture. So much so that we had to issue a 'cease and desist' warrant to get him to stop. Some people!


Agent Catfish of the HENS Agency. Of course, this was done from a high school picture and she's not telling how long ago that was!


Now this is a better animation thanks to Agent McGee of NCIS. He's going to share his more advanced program. (His own, not the Agency's)

Waiting for news

Lee Beauregard Crane (I told you he had a whopper of a middle name!), Captain of the Seaview,  waiting for something or other. This is one of his usual spots in the Observation Nose when he's anxious about Nelson who sometimes goes missing.(Not as much as Lee, cheech!)
This was saved from one of our security cameras. I sure didn't want to intrude on his privacy whenever and whatever it was.  
Oh, Nelson and he almost never let their father/son feelings get in the way of their professional relationship, but when one is missing, hurt, etc, the other's pretty miserable. I'm miserable, the crew's miserable, and I have to pick up the pieces!
But this blog isn't supposed to be about Seaview and our...unique assignments, so I'd better clam up. Speaking of clams, 'Cookie' (that's a Navy nickname for a cook) is fixing fried clams tonight. I'd better hurry up and get to the wardroom before Lee scarfs them all down. (He really really really like's fried clams-must be a New England thing). I'll tell you more about his Rhode Island 'R's later. In fact, I could write a book about Lee. Hmm. My blog, so maybe I will.

Doc scolding the Captain

Lt. Cmdr. 'Will' Jamison scolding the Skipper. An almost every mission occurance.  Any wonder we call Sick Bay the Captain's 'other cabin'?

Lee at a picnic

If I live to be as old as Methusela (again, I'd never win a spelling bee), this is how I'll always remember Lee.
No doubt Admiral Starke would grumble, as his hair's on the longish side, (but hey, a guy's entitled to let go now and then). Besides we were on leave miles away in of all places, Boston, where the Admiral had to take care of some family business. So Lee and I decided to go to town.
We ended up having a picnic lunch with his sister Edith. Unfortunately she insisted on cooking. Of course, we never let on that we'd rather have had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches than her spinach puffs. But we pretended to enjoy them, and just enjoyed her company. She complained to Lee that his sweater had seen better days, ( you can see the snags in one area,) and promised to knit him a new one. Still waiting on that. I wonder if she's remembered.


Doc's turn, but all I managed was a wink. I bet he has a needle hidden behind his back!


And now for Nelson
No matter what I tried, I'm not that thrilled with his wink. But Special Agent McGee of NCIS said it had something to do with the conversion from the photo. Oh well, at least the Admiral's happy he got an animated picture like the others.
I let it slip that I knew all about his blog and wished he'd share it with me, that I could help with the technology stuff.
But he only said he'd think about it. It's a 'Doc' thing. And if he shares it with me, he'd have to share it with Lee, and I think he's a little embarassed about some of what he's written. We'll see what happens.