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SSRN Seaview -Medical Files 2

  My Observations


It all began with the loss of two research ships, all hands loss and the reason unknown. So the Skipper went undercover on one of the islands. Good thing he knows Greek.


Anyway, we did our own exploring, but Adams and Baker were killed when the mini sub exploded. Oh Lord, sometimes I hate this job.


And then the Skip missed his scheduled call in times and if that wasn’t bad enough he’d told the Admiral about an old man he’d met who might have  a clue. Seems he showed the Skip where it was that he’d seen a city underwater. So the Skip went for a dunk and ended up on the other end of a girl’s spear gun. When they emerged  the old man was dead on the beach!


Not long afterwards the Skip just ups and disappears. No contact for three days! Nelson ended up going undercover himself. I’m really worried about him. He’s gotten kind of attached to the Skipper.


Well, Nelson made contact with the girl who hadn’t seen hide nor hair of the Skip in all that time, and when they went to the beach, the girl was abducted and Nelson was almost killed by somebody shooting at him.


We kept looking, and  finally found that damn city that Nelson was sure was behind the loss of those ships. We fired on it, even though we knew the Skip might be there. No more than a few minutes later, guess who shows up at our back door, but Crane, and the girl!


Finally, after he took her home, I managed to corral him into Sickbay. After guzzling down some hot joe (against my advice), I saw he got himself beat up and after I checked his eyes, he admitted they’d knocked him out as well. The concussion is minor, and he’s no longer in danger, but is it my imagination or the Captain Crane a trouble magnet?