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Submission-Dizzy Dolphin

OK, no artistic talent here but in my mind I see.....
Base of float covered in anemones, kelp (brown, red and green) some tall like bull kelp others feathery. Large Octopus has arms up stretched from kelp bottom, the arms form the base upon which Seaview is resting. There is a mermaid looking into the windows. Saran Wrap type stuff forms the surface along the float, the Bridge is above the water and Harry, Lee and Chip wave to the crowd. The movement of the float causes the clear plastic to ripple like water. Oh ya, the red bubble eye monster is at the back of the float, swaying menacingly at Seaview.
To give you an idea, after you stop laughing, I've tried to create a pic of sorts of it. Like I said, no artist here. The anemones would be pretty easy to do with flowers and I'm sure the kelp could he handled that was as well as I understand the base of the float must be from all natural flowers/plants.
The octopus arms should by stretching up holding Seaview, the squiggly thing on the right is the monster. The light blue blob on top of Seaview is suppose to be the bridge where the 'boys' wave from, the straight line the water surface where the plastic flows the length of float.
Pathetic I know but best I could do. Looks great in my head!

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