A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words-Cobra

Photo: Cobra Crane



For this contest, the premise was 'all yours' but had to include this photo 'scene'.
There was no page limit. They entries could be short, medium, or long.
No editing was done by Seaview Stories.
This contest began on July 11, 2010 and was extended through Oct 31, 2010.
Since the winning entry has been disqualified, as it was removed at the request of the author a re-vote was taken.

Shore Leave-Classic Car Event by Seaview Siren. *posted 10 Mar 2019 as an 'Inspired By' entry.

Northern Lights has been removed at the request of the author

Baby Boomer by Yvette Minuette

The Little Red Car by Sue

Intermission by Pauline Owers *posted 25 Sept. 2011

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