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The Story Challenges were created to challenge authors to create stories based on set premises. Each challenge had have set rules and were not edited in any way by Seaview Stories.

A special note from David Hedison!

IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT challenge stories had to begin with that phrase.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Challenge stories here have to include the above sentence. This particular picture had to involve this little guy/or/gal.

Your Number Cannot be Completed as Dialed challenge stories had to begin with the above sentence, include a pet, a countdown, a whishbone, and a mirror.

The Camping challengeAdm.Jiggs Starke convinces his aide Joe, to get Nelson, Crane, Doc, Ski, Patterson, Riley, and Sharkey to go on a camping trip with them, in an effort to have some fun and to get to know them better.Meanwhile, some prisoners have escaped from a maximum security prison.

The Obviously Challenge.In this challenge somewhere in the text the following verbatim sentence had to appear:"You obviously don't know what you are talking about, Captain."; the story had to contain:A missing document,a rock,the number(3)repeated (3)times, a broken watch,Sherlock Holmes,and a stale doughnut.

The Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Challenge. The phrase had to be included in the story.

The Missing Frame Challenge.The stories had to contain an empty frame,Tofu, two spiders,a fingernail clipper, and a missing sock

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (2) Challenge. The little guy/gal (who knows) had to be included in the story.

Been There, Done That Challenge.

1.Been there, done that must appear at least four times in the story.

2.There must be at least one guest character from the series, human or non-human. *monsters qualify as guest characters, as do aliens, ghosts,pirates, mechanical men, robots, mermaids, etc.

3.There must be a missing floppy disk or CD.

4.A submerisble must be used.(Flying Sub, Mini-sub,or Diving bell)

5.There must be a missing lottery ticket.

6.There must be a toothbrush.(Gosh I should hope so!)

"And That's Why I Was Late, Sir."Challenge

The story must reveal why Crane didn't report by 1800 hours in the episode The Wax Men and include:

1. The above sentence somewhere in the text.

2. The explaination as to why Crane has a lighter in his pocket when he (as far as we know) has only been seen with a cigarette when under the influence of Capt. Krueger.

3. A shamrock.

4. A sunflower seed.

5. And what happened to the wax statues the clown had stolen.


This challenge was presented by Chris Witherspoon and Catfish :

The story must contain the following two quotes:

1."Who's got my cookie?"

2."I'm sorry,Cookie but I can't force the Captain to enjoy your cluinary creations."

The story must also contain:

3.The galley chef's battle station.

4.What he does when Seaview rocks and rolls.

5.A missing recipee.

A picture is worth a thousand words # 3

The 'Why?' Challenge

"Given that is a staple of fanfiction that Lee Crane hates Sickbay and will try to escape regardless of his condition, we challenged you to tell us why."

"Okay, you're the Skipper."

In this challenge, the above sentence had be included in the story at least 3 times.Story also had to contain a toothpick,a can of bug spray,three fried onion rings, and a parking ticket

Tribute: In this section stories could be presented to honor those who perished in the Towers.

Close Enough for Government Work ChallengeIn challenge the above 'half-quote' had to be uttered at least 3 times. The story could be humorous or dramatic or both. The story must also have included: A bottle of antacid.A baseball cap.Breath freshener.An old movie poster.

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