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Frank's personal observations


Well, how do I begin? Suffice it to say, we got stuck in a big fat hairy mess ‘cause Washington  didn’t want to get the blame if their agreement to get ex President Fuentes out of his own fleabag country so he could run the govt. in exile or some such thing didn’t work out.


 Anyway, the rendezvous went bad; he wasn’t aboard the yacht, so our  guys, (The Skip, Ski, Pat, and Farrell) got stuck sailing the ‘Libertad’ to shore, (it’s a rough stretch of sea), but they got themselves captured and this dude General D’Alvarez (the dictator) demanded they admit that we kidnapped Fuentes! Well, the Skip couldn't  or wouldn't (we’re under orders not to reveal US involvement in this entire operation), so D’Alvarez got real angry and promised to kill them one at a time till the Skipper gave a public confession. To prove it he began with Farrell. Even gave the Skip a last chance to make admission. But Crane had to keep silent. So Farrell was executed.


I can’t begin to imagine the mental torture D’Alvarez put the Skip through, as it hung over their heads with each passing hour, that they’d all die because of him. And there was nothing Crane could do. It was probably a worse kind of torture than if D'Alvarez had simply had him beaten.  Pat and Ski suffered mental torture too, knowing Crane wouldn’t back down.


Pat was next and almost bought the farm when Nelson, Williams and the resistance fighters came to the rescue.


I won’t go into more of the details here, the debriefing is going on now, and even this record may have to shredded but I think our guys could use a little  psychological counseling for the trauma they went through. Especially the Skipper.