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SSRN Seaview Medical File-5

Corpsman Garth's Personal Observations

If anyone had told me when I signed on to the staff of NIMR that I’d be taking a trip on Seaview I would never have believed it.  I still don’t after what happened.


                There was one death aboard, you might say by Dr. Lyle’s  own hand, as she defied everyone, even  at gunpoint and entered the corridor which was alive with over grown and hungry plankton.

Even without her body, the cause of death can only be presumed to have been due to being eaten and immediately digested as no trace remained after the Skipper went outside the boat to open the flood cocks and saturate more than half the boat’s interior with cold  sea water to kill the outsized plankton. 

Nothing remained of the monster organism except slime, which is still being cleaned up and incinerated while Seaview is in dry dock to clean out all the flood damage.


Also need to advise the Admiral that his egghead buddies refrain from unsupervised experimentation. Dr. Riesner is okay but smoke inhalation from that explosion in his lab was nothing to sneeze at.