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SSRN Seaview-Medical Files

My Personal Observations


No sooner than I got aboard I had to fix up Malone and Ski for brawling! And not with each other, but with the temp Captain!


Boy, was he pissed he got that far aboard, ‘testing’ our security. Call it a reflex when our guys turned him topsy turvy off the ladder but did he have to elbow Malone in the gut and nearly give Ski a broken jaw?


Not too much longer into the cruise we got the hell beat out of us from a bomber!  

Lost our antenna relay and he goes out to get it, but came back all bruised from an over amorous octopus. Can’t say I was all that sorry.


Well, we got ourselves to the ice field, and Malone volunteered to go along with Wilson, but they got bombed too!  That’s when Malone got himself a broken leg and Dr. Wilson  a splintered shoulder. So the Skipper goes out after them knowing he might end up stranded out there, but he got them back (with the help of Curley).


I’m beginning to wonder if Nelson tries to get him to stay like Curley thinks he will,  if we’ll need a real MD instead of a plain ordinary corpsman like me!