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This is a sketch I made of Admiral Nelson. (From when he's in a good mood, that is.)


This is Miss Angie, the Admiral's Administrative Assistant. Nice smile but will of iron. Nobody gets past her to see the Admiral if he doesn't want to be seen. Except maybe the Skip.


My version of the Skip when he first came aboard. Moody, broody, and a real pain in the six! I thought for sure we'd never see him again after we finished the mission. Was I ever wroing. Glad I was, too.


Lt. Cmdr. Chip Morton, our XO (Executive Officer)


My version of one of the many arguments between the Admiral and Skipper. I don't remember which incident inspired me for this sketch, but I know the Skipper won.


Admiral 'Jiggs' Starke, current  Commander of Submarines Pacific. Little did any of us know when he first came aboard that he'd become the Skipper's nemesis, sort of. And to top that off, he's also a very good friend of Nelson's! Talk about a little professional and interpesonal rivalry between those three! Makes for interesting sailing whenever Starke's aboard, that's for sure!