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World's Apart by Sea Starr *posted 15 Sept 2016

Object of Her Desire by Sea Starr *posted 21 Jan 2016 Inspired by A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words- The Past, Sequel to The Jungle Queen

Shipwrecked by LeeLee Robinson posted 30 Dec 2015

Sexy Santa by Pauline *posted 13 Dec 2015

Easy Out, Easy In by Sea Starr *posted 11 July 2015

Time to Move On by Sea Starr *posted 12 May 2015

The Jungle Queen by Sea Starr *posted 28 Feb. 2015

Jail House Rock by Pauline *posted Feb 1, 2014

Rough Diamond by Pauline*posted March 3, 2013.

Share the Night by Pauline *Posted 06 Mar 2010.

Atlantis Found by Sea Spinner *posted 07 Feb 2010

Trilogy-Mersong of Mermatron revised*(parts 1-3): 1.Beginnings- Lee renews an old aquiantance. (Feb.1999)2.Transformation-Hunmanity is in the eye of the beholder.(Feb.1999)3.Confession-What new kind of life awaits Lee Crane? (Feb.1999)

Homecoming: Triquel to Remember & Conference *see main page.* posted Aug 27*

Just A Little Bit of Sex Please: posted 23 Jan.* actually a PG13-R story but you'll soon see why its been placed here.

Hidden Interlude *posted 11 March 2001* This Paris weekend is not what Nelson or Crane expect.