A big thank you to Carol for her help with this.


Chip stood looking out of his office window, watching his friend and CO, Lee Crane cross the parking lot towards the administration building.  Seaview had docked several hours ago and as usual, Lee was the last person off the boat.


Chip took a sip of the coffee he was holding as he watched Lee’s progress.  The two senior officers usually had dinner together the first night Seaview returned to port, but Lee had apologised that he couldn’t make it as he had plans.  He smiled as he thought of his own plans for the evening, dinner with Lindsey.  They had been going out together for some time and Chip was considering taking their relationship to the next level.  He wondered how Lindsey’s father, Doctor Will Jamieson, Seaview’s CMO, would react to such news.  He couldn’t blame Jamieson for being protective of his only daughter; she was all that he had since her mother had died while she was at university.  Being Seaview’s XO was a dangerous job, although not as dangerous as being her Captain. 


The smile was replaced by a frown as a black and white pulled to a stop at the steps of the administration building and an officer got out of the car and approached Lee.  After a brief conversation, the police officer handcuffed Lee and taking hold of his arm, helped him into the back seat and closed the door. 


What the hell? Chip had seen enough, he turned and pausing to put down the mug, marched out of his office.







Lee sat silently in the back seat of the cruiser as it pulled out of the NIMR gate and turned right.  Some welcome home this was, although he’d managed to stay in one piece during this cruise, he was tired.  Seaview had been under the polar cap investigating the cause of the unusual weather thought to originate at the pole.  After being nearly frozen, he’d been looking forward to getting home and a romantic Valentines dinner with Sophie and then maybe after... Lee sighed.  Hopefully this was just a mix up and things would be sorted quickly.  He’d have to call either Chip or Nelson when he got to the station and have them call Sophie.


After ten minutes it became apparent to him that they were not headed for the S.B.P.D headquarters as the vehicle continued along the coast road.  Lee could see the amused smile on the officer’s face as he glanced at him in the rear view mirror.  Lee was beginning to get worried.  Was this guy even a real cop?


 “Where are you taking me?” Lee demanded.


“Relax, it’s a surprise,” the cop smiled.

Lee tugged experimentally at the cuffs – he had an idea of what sort of surprise they had lined up for him.  At first, he had thought that this was someone playing a joke on him, but it seemed to be turning into something more sinister.  Even if the guards back at the institute reported to Nelson, without knowing where he’d been taken, he couldn’t count on help, he was on his own.  He hoped that when they arrived at wherever he was being taken, the guy would try and get him out of the car on his own, even cuffed, he could probably handle one guy.  He wasn’t a trained ONI operative for nothing.


“I don’t like surprise.  Who the hell are you and where are taking me?”


“I’m doing a favour for a friend.  You’re in no danger, entirely the opposite in fact.” He smiled.


“Somehow I don’t find that re-assuring.  Why should I believe you?  Why won’t you tell me where we are going?”


The cop shook his head.  “Sorry.  You’ll find out soon.”


Lee again tested the cuffs making the steel cut into his skin. His shoulders and arms were beginning to protest the un-natural position.


“Please don’t try anything, sir. I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.”


Lee didn’t answer.  So, whoever was behind this wanted him alive and unharmed, at least for now; that was encouraging.







Nelson was not happy; the watch commander had insisted that they were not holding Lee and that there had been no order issued for his arrest.  That could only mean one thing; the cop in the squad car that had picked Lee up had been bogus.  Lee could be anywhere by now.  With the information Crane possessed, made him a valuable commodity.  He’d had no choice but to inform Washington, and Admiral Johnson, head of ONI, was already on his way with his Chief of Staff, Commander Mike Coleman.  A team from NIS were also on their way from Camp Pendleton.  Whoever had Lee had stirred up a hornets nets of trouble. 


Nelson himself wasn’t prepared to take a back seat; the Institute took care of its own and he’d have his own people looking for Lee.  Those of the crew that were still in town had volunteered to search for their captain.






The cruiser continued on HYW 101, they had been going for about thirty minutes when it turned onto a dirt road.  It led to an abandoned military camp and the cop pulled to as stop at the gates. A large, rusted ‘No trespassing’ sign hung on the wire fence.


“Don’t go anywhere,” the officer joked before opening the door and getting out, leaving Lee alone in the back seat. The doors were locked and a wire grill separated the rear of the car from the front – not that it would be easy to do much with his wrists handcuffed.


Lee watched him walk up to the gates and unlock the chain securing them. He pulled the gate open enough to allow the car through and walked back. Settling back into the front seat, he drove in past what had once been the commanding officer’s building, turned left past the administration building, past the derelict NCO/enlisted club.  The place was huge and seemed to go on forever.  Trees and shrubs had started to colonise the open spaces.  The once neatly maintained lawns were now wilderness.  A person could disappear here and never be found, Lee thought with growing apprehension.


The officer pulled into a parking space in front of the brig and turning off the engine, turned around to look at Lee.  “Now, you’re not going to be difficult are you?”


Lee glared at him, wondered who or what was waiting for him inside. “You really expect me to come quietly?”


The guy shrugged. “Have it your way.” Once again he left Lee alone in the car while he walked up the steps and went inside.


A few minutes later he reappeared with a woman and they both approached the car.  The door opened and to Lee’s utter surprise, Sophie leaned in.


“Well, Commander, don’t you like my welcome home surprise?”


“Sophie?” Lee could only stare at her, half in relief.


“Are you getting out?” she asked, holding the door open for him.


“How about a hand?” he retaliated.


Sophie took his arm and helped him out of the back seat.


“Now, suppose you remove the cuffs?”


“Let’s go inside,” Still holding his arm, she started towards the still open door.


“Just a minute,” Lee stopped, refusing to move. “What the hell are you doing, Sophie?”


She looked at him hesitantly. “Don’t you like my welcome home surprise?”


Lee glanced at the other officer who was standing beside the car. “This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.  I was looking forward to a hot shower, a romantic dinner and...” Lee trailed off, he didn’t want to rush things, but under the circumstances.


“And what?” she asked teasingly.


“Stop fooling around and take the cuffs off, Sophie.”  Lee demanded, feeling slightly embarrassed in the presence of the officer.


“I’m out of here. Have fun you two,” the office winked and returned to the driver’s seat.


“Thanks Max.  Now, I think I need to do a strip search, make sure you’re not hiding anything,” Sophie gazed slowly down his body.


Lee’s body responded to the thought of her hands touch him. “Please tell me that you told someone what you were doing?  I can’t just disappear.  Have you any idea what is happening back at the institute right now?”  Despite the desire pulsing through his body, duty came first.


Sophie stepped closer.  “Hold still, this won’t hurt.” 


“Sophie, this is ridiculous,” Lee protested.


Sophie smiled.  Slowly she ran her hands over his chest and down his ribcage.


Lee stifled a moan and closed his eyes, enjoying her hands on his body, in spite of his protests.  His thoughts suddenly filled with erotic images. 


Her hands continued down his hips and into his pockets.  “Okay, big guy, let’s see what you’ve got hidden.” she whispered close to his ear.


“Damn it, Sophie,” Lee groaned, his manhood at full attention, hardly hidden by his uniform pants.  His mind said no, but his body said yes.


Sophie laughed. “You really are a big boy.”


Heated scorched through him, he was fighting a losing battle.  She had him so stirred up; he couldn’t say no to her.  “Couldn’t you have found a more romantic setting; maybe a hotel or someplace?”


Sophie shook her head.  “I wanted somewhere where we wouldn’t be interrupted.  Are you going to be a good boy?”


Two could play this game.  “Haven’t you got that the wrong way around?  Shouldn’t it be ‘am I going to be a bad boy’?”


“In that case, I have some interesting ideas on how to put handcuffs to good use.  Why don’t we go inside?”





To Lee’s surprise, the shower block was in working order, complete with hot water. Apparently the place had recently been used for a film location and the interiors of several of the buildings had been refurbished.


Water cascaded over them, he slipped one hand under her hair to the nape of her neck and pulled her into a kiss, devouring her; she was so incredibly sexy. 


She yielded against him, her fingers raking through his wet hair, while her other hand caressed his back.


His hands explored her wet skin, skimming up her ribcage to her breast.  She moaned as he kneaded her breast, tormenting the taunt nipple with his thumb.


“Lee,” she murmured.


 “You’re irresistible,” His other hand moved down her back to cup her buttock, pulling her closer.


She moaned again as his erecting nudged against her. “Lee...please,” she gasped. “I want you.” 


Her hand moved down between them, he groaned and shivered as her fingers closing around his rock hard length and she guided him to her entrance.


He pinned her against the tiles and slid inside her slowly, feeling her hot and wet around him.  Her hips jerked and she moaned as he sank deeper into her.  He felt her breast swell as he caressed and squeezed, knowing how she liked to be touched.




“Well?” Morton leaned over Chief of Police Wilson s desk, menacing.


“I’m sorry. There are no reports of any other police impersonations, though they’re happening with more and more frequency. Some had criminal intent, most were practical jokes. An automotive paint job, an SBPD template, red and blue flashing lights on the dashboard, and you’ve got yourself a mighty official looking vehicle. Add a Halloween costume, and bogus badges, you’d be hard pressed to believe otherwise. Your security cameras didn’t do a good job on the driver. He indicated a black and white photograph lying on the desk in front of him.  “But fortunately, it should only be a matter of time before we can track down the car from the plates.”


“Commander Morton?” a civilian attired man flashed a badge. “I’m marine special agent Reed, NIS.”


“Yes, Agent Reed.”


“I understand that Lee Crane has been kidnapped. We’ll do everything we can to search for and rescue him. Oh, this is my boss, Agent Larson.”


“What have we got?” Larson asked.


“Not much, some grainy pictures from the security cameras, a fake cope and patrol car.”  Wilson answered.


“Are we sure they were fakes?”  Larson enquired.


The chief scowled.  “I’m certain that none of my officers were involved.”


Larson nodded. “Reed, you stay here and work with the police.  I’m going to the institute to talk to Admiral Nelson.”


“Yes, sir.”






The first rays of the morning sun filtered through the cell’s window. The cell had been given a fresh coat of white paint and Sophie had made a bed for them on the floor with mattresses, pillows and a double sleeping bag.  She’d felt strangely safe and cosseted with Lee near her all night.


Sophie watched him lying beside her, his eyes closed, hiding those beautiful honey gold eyes.  With his hair tousled and his jaw shadowed by stubble, he looked a little scruffy and damn sexy.  She enjoyed watching him; her fingers itched to touch him. She still could not believe that he was interested in her.  He must have countless women chasing after him.  He never talked about himself, or his work.  She understood his job and knew that he was married to his work.  She would probably have to take second place to the other lady in his life – Seaview. 


Her own lifestyle had not been conducive to a relationship, but now she wanted a normal life.  She had been planning on resigning from ONI for nearly a year when fate had brought them together again.  That last assignment with him had made her realise that she couldn’t walk away from him – she knew that Lee Crane was the man that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.  She imagined waking up every morning beside this gorgeous man, every morning that he was home at least.  She would worry about him while he was at sea, but the time they would have together would more than make up for the time they were apart.  She didn’t want to miss another minute with him – she loved him.


The sleeping bag had shifted to reveal his broad shoulders and tanned chest, with a sprinkling of black hair.  He was a gorgeous, gentle man and amazing in bed.  She leaned over him and gently kissed him. 


“Ummm,” he opened his eyes and smiled.  “Morning beautiful.”


“Morning handsome.”


He stretched lazily, causing the sleeping bag to reveal more of his torso. “What’s the plan for breakfast?”


“You want breakfast?  Captain Crane, who reportedly doesn’t eat enough to keep a bird alive, wants breakfast,” she teased.


“I worked up an appetite.” 


“There’s a diner not far from here, we can have breakfast there.” She realised that she was hungry as well.


“And then what?”


Sophie bit her lip. “I thought we could come back here and carry on where we left off. By the way, Happy Valentine’s Day”




“It’s been almost 24 hours!” a crumpled Admiral Nelson fumed from his office. No sleep and a great deal of worry had made him a very unhappy camper.


“The car is registered to a film company,” Agent Larson said, “We’re trying to get in touch with someone from the company. Admiral, just how important is Captain Crane? You know what I mean.”


Very important. That answers your question? For all we know, Lee’s being tortured for his information by the Peoples Republic…they’ve…tried before but not quite so blatantly. Took him from our own parking lot!”


“Excuse me sir,” Angie entered, “but Sophie hasn’t answered her phone. I thought I’d call her to tell her what’s happened but…”


“Boss,” Reed rushed in, “Sir, we’ve found the guy. He’s a prop man for the production company, he’s confessed everything. He was hired by someone to kidnap Captain Crane, but doesn’t know the name.  But he said it was a woman…a Val E. Tine. He was paid only $400.00 for his services.


“A woman?” Nelson clarified as he suddenly registered what Angie was trying to tell him.


“Yes, sir.”  Reed nodded.


“$400.00?”Larson bit his lip, “that doesn’t seem like much for a prize like Crane. Did he say where he took the Captain?”


“Fort Corell, abandoned shortly after WW11. The owner of the property hasn’t done much with it but rent it out as a movie set over the years. Just recently to, to the same production company.”


“What are we waiting for? C’mon. And remember, we don’t know why Crane was kidnapped.  Just because Mr. Smith was hired to do the job, we don’t know what this Val E. Tine wants.”






“Oh, do that again, Lee.”


“You’re insatiable.”


“And you’re incredible, big guy. C’mon, take me again.”


“We’ve done it, how many times now? I don’t think I can. Besides, you realize that Chip’s probably beside himself with worry about me. Nelson too. I need to get back.”


“Let them worry. For now, you’re still my prisoner. In fact, I think I’ll just have to cuff your wrists to that pipe again.”


“You’re a naughty girl, Sophie.”


“And I want to ride my stallion. Now.”  She couldn’t get enough of him.  She knelt astride him; those amazing honey gold eyes watched her as she curled her fingers around his shaft.  He was a magnificent site, all lean and bronze with no tan lines, his black hair curling untamed.  Far removed from the captain of Seaview; she felt privileged to know this side of him.  She loved the feel of his hot flesh growing rigid under her touch.  She wanted him inside her, to be joined with him body and soul.


Ahhh, Sophie,” he moaned.


Carefully she lowered herself onto him, impaling herself on his engorged penis and they both cried out in pleasure.  She rode him, rocking back and forth, taking him deeper squeezing her inner muscles around him. 




The sun was just setting when the NIS swat team arrived at Ft. Corell, having choppered in far enough away that the kidnappers wouldn’t be able to hear their approach. Nelson and Morton insisted on joining the team, along with Will Jamieson, Seaview’s CMO, satisfying NIS that they were more than capable in a fight and promised to stay behind the NIS agents.


They were just approaching the former brig when they heard Lee scream.

“Oh my god,” Nelson panicked, his imagination conjuring up all sorts of terrible things being done to Lee.  Had his first thought that Sophie might be behind this, been wrong?


“Stay back!” Larson ordered and the team entered, following the direction of the screams, their guns at the ready.




“Now!” Larson ordered and they barged in.




Nelson walked around the couple in the crowded office, now showered, and dressed in the same clothes they’d discarded at Corell, and in Lee’s case, unshaven.




 “Lee wasn’t responsible. It was all my idea!” Sophie protested.


“Shut up Sophie,” Lee said. “I didn’t exactly complain; at least not when I found out who my captor was. And I could have escaped at any time once I was there.”


“But I had Smith cuff you on the drive down, and then I cuffed you myself for a couple of the other times we…”


“Let’s not go into details, shall we?” Nelson interrupted. “Agent Larson, Chief Wilson, on behalf of the Nelson Institute, I apologize for the irresponsible behaviour of my employee. Financial restitution will be made to both NIS and the Santa Barbara Police Dept.


“But it’s not Lee’s fault!” Sophie argued.


“That may be,” Nelson said, “but someone who is also a bone fide ONI field agent could certainly have escaped, as he himself admitted. Deciding to play with you makes him just as culpable. Miss Carter, I’ll leave your punishment to Chief Wilson.  Mr Crane, you will report at 0800 tomorrow.”


“But it’s Sunday tomorrow.” 


“So it is.  Perhaps you’d care to join him. You can both spend most of the day scrubbing Seaview’s ballast tanks.”

“But…” Sophie started to object.




“He’s the Captain of the Seaview!”


Crane patted her arm, “its okay sweetheart. It was worth it.”


“Uh, one more thing. Why did you use Val E. Tine for you handle instead of Valentine?” Nelson asked Sophie.


“It was taken. Permission to leave, Admiral?”




“See you tonight, sweetheart,” she blew Lee a kiss.


“You’re at attention Commander,” Nelson ordered before Lee could return the kiss. “If you’d all excuse me, Captain Crane and I are going to have a little talk.”




“Poor guy,” Reed sighed as he got into the NIS car.


“You condone his actions?” Larson asked.


“No, but…I wonder what any of us would have done in the situation,” he waved his arms in the feminine shape, “She can arrest me anytime.” Reed laughed. “And then there’s tonight. I’m sure she’ll make it up to him.”


“You can’t really think Crane and Sophie will…again? After last night and today?”


“Let’s just say if I were a betting man, I’d win a fortune.”


Larson shook his head as he turned the key in the ignition.




Armed with a dozen red roses, Lee unlocked the door to his lighthouse home and stepped inside. He was greeted by the smell of something cooking.  He knew that Sophie would be here as he’d given her a key.  He planned on asking her to move in. “Hi, honey, I’m home.”


“Lee,” Sophie appeared from the kitchen.  “How did it go with the Admiral?”


“Oh, the usual lecture, I’m use to them,” he smiled and handed her the roses. It had been worth it for the incredible ‘Valentine surprise’ Sophie had given him. “What about you?”


“There lovely, Lee – thank you.”  She headed for the kitchen and put the roses down on the drainer while she looked for a vase.  “I’ll get to find out on Monday, but what can they do?”  Sophie shrugged.  “I’m already a rookie.”


 “You could get suspended.”


“I can always go back to ONI, Admiral Johnson has offered me a desk job.”


Lee grabbed her around the waist and pulled her closer. “You could always be Mrs Crane.”


“Is that a proposal?”


Lee gave her that under the lashes look.  “Sorry – I didn’t mean for it to come out like that.  Not that I don’t...I just don’t want to rush you into anything.”


“Oh, Lee – I would love to be Mrs Crane,” she put her arms round his neck and kissed him. “I love you.”


“I love you, too.”  He wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her back. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”


“I’m not going anywhere.” She buried her head against his shoulder and hugged him.


For a moment they stood wrapped in each other’s arms, until the smell of food reminded him that he hadn’t eaten since breakfast. “Something smells good.”  After his ‘talk’ with Nelson, he’d apologised, not only to Nelson, but to Chip.  They both had every right to chew him out. He’d screwed up and he’d known there would be consequences; but wasn’t he entitled to a personal life?  He certainly wasn’t going to let it spoil their evening.


 “I made scallops for starters, followed by Seafood Linguini and strawberries with chocolate fondue for dessert.”


“Great, I’m starving.”


Sophie stroked his unshaven chin. “Hurry up and get cleaned up.”


Lee headed for the stairs to shower, shave and change into something more comfortable.  He resisted suggesting that they shower together – they might never get around to dinner. “Maybe we could have dessert in bed.” He suggested instead. He had a few fantasies about things they could do with the fondue.


Sophie laughed, “Now who’s insatiable?”


“Well, we did get interrupted.” He grinned mischievously.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


*My voyage universe is set in the 1970-80s when NCIS was just NIS.