Words, Just Words - Challenge 3

"Are we there yet?"

For this challenge, the question 'Are we there yet?' must appear a minimum of 3 times. (You're welcome to use more)
The question may be yelled, muttered, whispered, dreamed, etc. just so at least those 3 minimum number of utterances are from someone from Seaview's regular compliment( including Crane even if he's on his first if temporary assignment to the boat in your story).
In adidtion, additional 'Are we there yet' questions from outsiders,ie. NIMR staff, visiting dignitaries, members of ComSupPac, the Navy, the President, mothers, wives, children, etc. etc. may be used. 
One additional point will be awarded with the addition of an outsider's question should there be a tie upon voting. 

Contest is closed.

Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm by Sharon H. *posted June 23, 2012.