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Final Obsession *posted Feb 23, 2014

Obsession One person's fancy is another's obsession! *posted 09 Sept '99

The Omega Strain Is 'hopeless'finally in Nelson's vocabulary?*posted 03 Oct '99

A Fish Tale Sequel to The Omega Strain *posted 05 Oct '99

Merry Christmas, Lee Sometimes a present doesn't come wrapped. *posted 24 Nov. '99

Persistant Obsession (Mature Themes Sub Division)

Elementary, My Dear Lee'Obviously'Challenge Story

Manhunt A 'Dark & Stormy Night' Challenge Story

Hillbilly Lee 'Your Number Cannot Be Completed As Dialed' Challenge Story

Hillbilly Santa Barbara 'Your Number Cannot Be Completed As Dialed'Challenge Story

Terror in the Mountains A 'Camping'Challenge Story

Deceptions*posted 18 Dec. 2000* Butter the popcorn for this gripping nail-biter!

Beyond Reach*posted 26 June 2004