Completed Story Challenges

Seaview Stories


This joint challenge was presented by Susan Free and Cris Smithson.

Susan and Cris would also like to say 'Thank you' to all of the entrants of this challenge.

"Given that is a staple of fanfiction that Lee Crane hates Sickbay and will try to escape regardless of his condition, we challenged you to tell us why."

* A note from Catfish: It is only fitting to make a note here that if it had been eligible for voting, Beginnings would have tied with The Visit for first place.

Beginnings by Cris Smithson *posted 16 Feb 2002

I'm Just Fine, Jamie by R.L. Keller *posted 02 Mar 2002

The Visit by M.E. Connerty*posted 16 Mar 2002

Mud Time by Susan Free *posted 17 Mar 2002

Resignation by Liz Martin *posted 22 Mar 2002

In Vino Veritas by Linda Elliott has been removed at the author's request.

Doing Time by Sue Boggs *posted 10 April 2002

Why? Why Not by Michelle Pichette and Holly Cushing *posted 20 April 2002