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Carol aka Catfish; South Daytona, Florida, USA: "Seaview forever!"

Jackie; Christchurch, New Zealand: "May the voyage never end!"

Julia; Melbourne, Australia: "May the adventures never end."

R.L.Keller; Malaga, Washington, USA: "What a wonderful group of people to be associated with."

Judith;Northeast Ohio, USA: "May all your voyages find peace and love."

Carol 'Hondo' Burgess; Warilla, NSW, Australia & England, UK : "Fair Winds and Following Seas..."

Flo ; Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA: "For forty years I have loved Lee Crane. That's real fidelity."

Strider; Mass, USA; US Air Force Veteran

Margaret; Cheadle, Cheshire, England, UK:"Long Live Chip!"(drool)

Liz Martin; Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Laurence V.;nr.Lyon, France: "I am one fan of the series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. My only regret is that this series is not rebroadcast anymore in France."

Linda Delaney; Ireland, Itlay, USA:"Voyage taught me the importance of doing the 'right' thing regardless of cost."

Darla M.Poulos;Saginaw, Michigan, USA: "In God we trust and in Voyage we dream. Forever, Lee!"

Mary;Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA: "Chip rules!"

Cherrel;Granite City, Illinois, USA:"To the Seaview for the many enjoyable hours I've spent under the sea."

D'Reen Gibson;Oldham, Lancashire, England, UK: "Keep the stories coming! I love them all."

Yvonne Elliott;British Army Veteran; London, England,UK: "Love the stories, keep it up guys. Wish Chip had been my Lt."

Patty T. Tennessee, USA: "Thank you to the crew of the Seaview and it's Captain for doing the right thing for almost 40 years. Happy Sailing."

Silvia; Como, Italy: "Crane rules...too bad that the last episode I saw was about 20 years ago and no reruns since then."

Carol; Troy, New York, USA: "Long Live Voyage!"

Holly; Portsmouth, England, UK: "I will always remember Voyage with fondness and so will my kids :)"

Winnie; Newfoundland & Ontario, Canada: " May we always have a worldwide Voyage."

Nicole; Cologne, Germany: "I love Seaview and I love to read. On this homepage I feel at home."

Jane Daffron; Virginia, USA: "As a child of the coalfields, Voyage gave me a chance to dream of what was 'over the mountain'...and in the sea."

Michelle Pichette;Plantation, Florida, USA

Anna Geddes;Loch Ness,Scotland,UK.* nr. Drumnadrochit,nr.Abrichan, nr.Beauly, mentioned in the episode Secret of the Loch.Scotland,UK

Jennifer Scheuermann; Lockport, New York, USA: " May Voyage live in our hearts forever."

Cindy Kimura ;native Californian, USA: "Damn proud to support our boys."

Mary H.;Miami, Florida, USA: "Lee Crane was my first crush."

Cindy Powers ; Frostburg, Maryland, USA: US Air Force Veteran

Storm;Arkansas, USA: "Voyage was the inspiration to live my own life to a higher standard."

Gordon Burgess Sr.; Warilla, NSW, Australia & Scotland, UK :"Fair Winds and Following Seas..."

Able Seaman Gordon Burgess; TS'Albatross'Australia"Watch me soar."

Kristine Burgess; NSW, Australia: "Take the subway to work."

Phyllis; Arcadia, California, USA: "May the Seaview and her crew live in our hearts forever."

Emilia & Sergio; Brazil,South America: "Voyage,Voyage...all around the world the same feeling joining us. God blesses the peaceful people!"

Sharon; San Antonio, Texas, USA: "Am reliving my childhood through Voyage reruns! Keep on diving!"

Wendy; New Jersey, USA: "Voyage Fans Rule!"

Paulette Keister ; West Lebanon, Ohio, USA: "May our good Admiral, his dreams and Seaview's crew sail in our hearts and memories forever."

Dee Thomas; USA by way of Ireland and Kenya (parents): "The stories are wonderful, keep writing!"

Lily;Argentina: "I love to 'Voyage to the Bottom to the Sea' and all persons of this group are wonderful!"

Phyllis; Arcadia, California, USA: "May the Seaview and her crew live in our hearts forever."

Holly Roberts ;Minnesota & Hardeeville, South Carolina, USA "May God bless you and all your voyages."

Michele; Arlington, Virginia, USA: "Great site continuing tradition of a great show!"

Shirley Marlene Gentry;Valdosta, Georgia, USA: "The show has taught me the friendship, caring, and understanding that people can have with each other, and that it's okay to make mistakes and that you have a friend there with you at all times."

Kinsey;Henderson, Kentucky, USA: " Voyage proves you can't keep a good sub down!

G.A. Robinson; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; "As long as there's depths of imagination, and sea's of adventure, Voyage will endure."

Pam Rhine;Yucaipa, California, USA: "May Voyage always be in our hearts and minds and may the Seaview and her loyal crew live on forever."

Ant; Malaga Province, Spain: "Great to see so many fellow Voyage fans. Get some episodes on the net. Best wishes!"

LindaE; Kingston, Washington, USA: "To Harry, May he always have a passion for learning!"

Carol; Elizabethtown, New York, USA: "May the Voyage never end."

Gail Gardner aka Ship's Cat; Finland; USA: "Dog's have owners. Cats have staff."

Alice Stevens;Tennessee, USA: "Voyage was my favorite show as a child, but I rarely got to see it. We went to church every Sunday night while it was on. Now I'm rediscovering it as a 46 year-old."

Eliezer;San Paulo, Brasil/Taubate; "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea & Imagination-I like!!"

Terri Angel; Swiss Brit and Ukraine; "It's great to know that there are so many Voyage crazies around. I made so many friends through this show."

Jane; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA: "My email nickname is 'subfan' and it's fun explaining to people that I don't mean I'm a fan of submarine sandwiches...I'm a fan of the submarine Seaview!"

Tisha Grindley;Woodinville,Washington; Niskayuna,NY, USA; Ireland:"Here's to Voyage keeping us 'close' all around the world."

C NatalieAnn; Hacienda Heights, California, USA: "Lee, Lee, and more Lee! Long live Seaview and her crew!"

Della;SE England,United Kingdom; Yukon,Canada; "VTTBOTS- a soft spot that just grew tender with time..."

Jeanette; Chatham, Kent, England, United Kingdom; "For all those that like to dream, lets keep the Voyage alive!"

Norma ; Spain: "I am glad to be a part of this crew! I want to say that I usually think of Voyage being the Seaview and it's crew, but it's also the people that love and keep it alive."

Christina M.; Texas, USA, US Navy: "Fair Winds and Following Seas to All." Christina is on active service in the US Navy.

Kim; Essex, England, United Kingdom: "Voyage is a childhood I've never grown out of."

Nerissa; Baltimore, Maryland, USA: "Voyage has inspired my love of the ocean, of heroes, of gallantry and of those who serve our country."

Kathy Stant;Richmond, Virginia, USA: "As long as there are fans like us, the Voyage will never end."

Kei; Ontario, Canada & Nottingham, England, UK: "I've been on a Voyage since I first saw the show and the fun continues with so many talented writers!"

Sheila;Tucson, Arizona, USA & Israel:"May the Voyage that we are now on end safely for all."

Care Bear; Camden, Arkansas, USA"Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea taught me diligence, loyalty, respoect for others, and stabillity. I owe Voyage a great debt."

San-d Lynas Ontario, Canada: "His like shall never come again."

Sue; Taunton, Somerset, England, UK: "Great to know there's lots of other fans of Lee Crane out there."

Rita Wilcoxon,aka 'Pronetopanic': Severn Valley, England, UK: "Cherishing cute, blond sidekicks into the new Millennium."

SeaBee:Colorado,USA: "Voyage...Let's roll."

Sally: Bishop's Stortford, Hertsfordshire, England, UK; " Voyage will run deep with my heart forever."

Kari; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Diane Dautrich; Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Sue aka 'Bookscape';.Athens, Tennessee, USA "Voyage was one of the first shows I fell in love with and Lee Crane my first crush. In fanfiction, the Seaview will forever explore the unknown."

Sue aka 'Pat Cave';NW EnglandUK"May all our voyages come safely to port."

Kathy Agel;Born in New Jersey. Now living in Florida, USA"You can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can't take the Jersey out of the girl. Fan of Voyage (and Chip Morton!) since day one. Childhood loves are the best -- let's go, Yankees!"

Lin; Florida, USA:US Marine Corps veteran

Peggy; Vidalia, Georgia, USA:'I still love Voyage after all these years; been there from the beginning!"

Arameth; Chicago, Illlinois USA

In honor of Arameth's mother orig. from Kuwait and Japan

In honor of Arameth's father orig. from the United Kingdom and Germany.

Sharon aka Gray Lady ; Hodgenville, Kentucky, USA: "Through us, the Admiral, Lee and Chip will never die. Seaview will sail forever."

Marilyn; Montreal, Quebec, Canada "Aye,Aye!"

Lynne H. Ontario, Canada. ‘To strive, to seek; to find, and not to yield’

Kara Hughes;Wolverhampton, England, UK: "Growing up, I always wanted Admiral Nelson as my favourite Uncle, Chip as my brother and Captain Crane to come in and sweep me off my feet."

Diana /'Merdee' Gann, Washington state, "Seagal since 1998."

Janet, Congleton, Cheshire, England, UK: "My Voyage heroes never grow old."

Janet Cloud

Eileen C., Arizona, USA "Chip was always my favorite!"

Atwood, Powell, Wyoming, USA "Have loved Voyage from the very beginning and love that it is kept alive here for us to continue our journey under the sea."