What's My Line Contest


We have a winner!

The 'What's My Line' contest was presented to find out your favorite line (which could be a word, sentence, or even phrase from the aired episodes) was for the series, and submissions were accepted until now.
I learned from the voting that it was almost impossible to have a clear winner, the responses were so varied. However, one line did stand out by having just a few more votes than the all the rest.

And the winner is:
 "They were friends, Admiral. As close as..."Crane to Nelson in 'The Enemies'

Of course all of the lines and phrases in Voyage are memorable and we all have our favorites, but it seems as those the winning line was right on the button as the relationship between Nelson and Crane was the heart and soul of the show.
Thanks to everyone for contributing your favorite lines and voting!

“We’re not only off course, we’re in the wrong ocean!”  Chip Morton, inThe Day the World Ended.’


"I'm sorry, Admiral, I don't know how to cure a werewolf. Incantations and witches' broths were never my strong subjects." Doc, in  'Werewolf.'


“Well, you’re going to think I’ve gone psycho, but I saw a mermaid!” Crane in’ The Mermaid.’"



"Name, Harriman Jones. Lee Glenn's friend, enemy, partner, rival, big brother, blood brother, and sometimes I'd like to bash his head in." Nelson underover to Melina Gounaris in 'City Beneath the Sea.'



“You may be willing to die rather than admit you made a mistake, but I’m not going to die with you, and neither are the men on this ship!” Crane to Nelson in The Fear Makers.


"Pure unrevitalized air-just like mother used to breathe." Crane in 'The Fear Makers.'

"Tampering is our specialty, Admiral." Alien in 'Day of Evil.'



"I hate this waiting. I'd rather do anything but wait. That's one reason why I never got married." Chief Curley Jones in 'The Mist of Silence.'


"The female mind is forever bogged down with practicalities." Azziz in 'The Magnus Beam.'

“Well, how does it feel getting pushed around by a fish?” Crane to Morton in  ‘The Ghost of Moby Dick.’



“Gimmick a wheel? Admiral, I had a very rich and full childhood!”Chief Sharkey to Nelson in ‘Escape from Venice.’


“I don't know where we're going, but I do know we've got to get there fast.” Crane in ‘The Left Handed Man.


“You know, the President took it very well. He says a man learns a great deal sitting on top of an armed nuclear bomb for twenty-four hours.” Crane to Nelson in ‘ The Deadliest Game.’


"When are you going to have your fill of all this blundering? Let's kill it, dump it, and get rid of it."Crane to Dr. Janus in 'Cradle of the Deep.'


“I don’t like it Lee, they’re playing cat and mouse with us.” Nelson to Crane in ‘The Enemies.’


"They were friends, Admiral. As close as…” Crane to Nelson in ‘The Enemies.’


“Something about that island gives me gooseflesh. It looks like its covered with slime.” Nelson to Crane in ‘The Enemies.’


“Demand? You Americans are so amusing. You stand there in your little rubber rafts and make demands on a general of the People’s Republic?” General Tau to Morton in ‘The Enemies.’


“Friends? We’re not friends. I don’t have any use for you.” Crane to Nelson in ‘The Enemies.’


“I’m gonna’ kill you Nelson. Nelson! I’m gonna kill you!” Crane to Nelson in ‘The Enemies.’





“That’s all they need, Captain Bligh!” Crane to Morton in ‘Mutiny.’


“Let up on the men, Admiral. You’ve been on them for days. I don’t run an old Navy spit polish and brig ship. I was new Navy. So were my men. And so was Admiral Nelson.” Crane to Adm. Starke in ‘Mutiny.’


“What’s the matter, Lee? You look like you’ve lost your best friend!” Nelson to Crane in ‘Mutiny.’


"I treated you like a brother! You pulled a gun on me! Get out of here! Get out of my sight!” Nelson to Crane in ‘Mutiny.’


“Captain Krueger’s quite a conjurer.” Crane to Nelson in ‘The Phantom Strikes.’


“So, now you will listen and you will do as I say. I want you to kill Captain Crane.” Capt. Krueger to Nelson in ‘The Phantom Strikes.’


“I want Captain Crane’s body and I intend to have it! Let me remind you, with your help only the Captain dies. Without it, you, the Captain, the submarine, everybody aboard her will be destroyed. And soon. Take out your gun Admiral. The 16th parallel is coming nearer.” Capt. Krueger to Nelson in ‘The Phantom Strikes.’


“Admiral, what’s wrong? What happened? You…you know something about Krueger, don’t you? There’s something you’re not telling me. Now, what is it? Tell me what happened! Tell me what’s happened!!” Crane to Nelson in ‘The Phantom Strikes.’

"Oh, I'm just going along for the ride. Your computers are running this show." Crane to Mr. Reston in 'The Human Computer.'

"You don't suppose it thinks Seaview is it's mother, do you?" Crane to Nelson in 'The Creature(1)'.

"Get off my back, Admiral! I'm in control of this ship!" Crane to Nelson in 'The Saboteur.'

"How dare you! how dare you abort this mission without my knowlege! On who's authority!" Nelson to Crane in 'The Saboteur.'

"Peace of the world? You hypocrite! You don't care about the peace of the world!" Crane to Nelson in 'The Saboteur.'

"This mission will continue if I have to hang this ship together with spit and glue!" Nelson to Crane in 'The Saboteur.'

"Admiral, my buisness is suspecting people. Now, I don't need a reason, but..uh..if I did, ther are several reasons for checking on Captain Crane. One, he failed to report for duty last Sunday. Two, he was missing for three days. And, three, his faulty maneuvering of this submarine caused this mission to be delayed 24 hours. Any one of which is reaon enough to check on Crane." Mason Forrester to Nelson in 'The Saboteur.'

"Ohhh. Ohh no! Ohhh...agghh...agghhh!{snarl, snarl}." Crane to himself in 'Manbeast.'

"Chi-ip..." Crane to Morton in 'Manbeast.'

"You're hurt. Take off  the jacket....{continues after a response from Crane}This is nothing to fool with! Take off the jacket!" Nelson to Crane in 'Manbeast.'

"You might as well know everything. Chip shot me." Crane to Nelson in 'Manbeast.'

"I killed a man, Admiral. Did they tell you that?{Continues after a response from Nelson}I killed him in cold blood. I kept repeating I uh I'm not myself. I'm under some sort of spell. But it doesn't help. The fact remains that I killed him."Crane to Nelson in 'Manbeast.'

"Sound the general alert! Lee Crane is, well, he's out of his mind. He's loose on the ship." Nelston to Seaview's compliment on the PA in 'Manbeast.'

"They've plugged the forward leaks. We can work up enough power to get to half speed. The internal rib structure is about as solid as a bowl of jelly. They're still working on it. We do any fast maneuvering and this old sub is gonna' be the sea and the view with both ends going in opposite directions."Morton to Crane  in 'The Ghost of Moby Dick.'

“La la la~ la la la la la la.  La la la~ la la la la la la.  La la la~ la la la la la la~La la la. La la la la la la la la.” Crane to Lola Hale in ‘Escape From Venice*Click to hear the real 'quote'.


"I didn't mean to hurt you. Believe me, I didn't mean to hurt you." Crane to Maria in ‘Return of the Phantom.’


“Admiral Nelson, you listen to me, and you listen good. I’m still Captain of this ship and I’m responsible for the lives of everyone aboard!”{Nelson responds; ‘That can be changed’} “Then change it! But until you do. Until you formally relieve me of command. Until you kick me off the ship, I don’t want another order of mine countermanded. I hope I’ve made myself clear!” Crane to Nelson in ‘Edge of Doom.’


“Ski! You're out of your mind! And you're out of uniform.”  Sharkey to Kowalski in ‘Return of Blackbeard.’

"Here's the latest fix from Navigation. We're making good progress, uh, shipwise." [Crane responds:"Touche. I never saw a woman like Cara Sloan.  Nothing on her mind but business."]  "Well you can't win them all." Morton to Crane in ‘Leviathan.’

"I have reasons to believe I've been hearing things that weren't there." Nelson to Doc in 'Return of the Phantom.'


"My world is here in these islands.My love is here. My life. I mean to have those things. All of them. It begins with the body of your Captain. I will have his body. Now."

 Capt. Krueger to Nelson in 'Return of the Phantom.'


"Chip, we've got to put the Admiral under arrest for attempted murder. I'd rather you take care of it." Possessed Crane aka Capt. Kreuger to Morton in 'Return of the Phantom.'


"The idea of the Irish Sea exploding in our faces is not exactly appealing." Nelson to Crane and Morton in 'Terrible Leprechaun.'


"I don't think the Leprechauns are takin too kindly to what's going on out there." Sharkey to Nelson and Morton in 'Terrible Leprechaun.'


"Tis in reat trouble you are me lad. Would you care to be having a nice glass of milk? It's good and nourishing. The cow is one of me more reliable neighbors." Patrick Moore O'Shaunessy to Sharkey in 'Terrible Leprechaun.'


"He calls himself Patrick Moore O'Shaunessy. Yes sir. He's a leprechaun." Sharkey to Nelson in 'Terrible Leprechaun.'


"Sea monsters? Even if I saw one, I wouldn't believe it."Crane to Nelson in 'The Village of Guilt.'


["For the moment, I prefer to wait."Nelson to Katya]

"For What? For Captain Crane to send a squad of volunteers rifht into the jaws of a whale?" Katya to Nelson in 'Jonah and the Whale.'


["Skipper, how do we et the Admiral out of there? Kowalski to Crane]

"We go in after him, how else?" Crane to crew in Jonah and the Whale'.


"You resent his headline grabbing so much, I wonder if you want the dive to succeed!" Crane to Nelson in 'The Condemmed.'


"I do not know which of our crew will be next Captain Crane, but I can promise that you will live to see all of them die." General to Crane in 'The Mist of Silence.'


"He's taken over the ship. He's turned the whole crew into wax dummies!" Crane to Nelson in 'The Wax Men.'


"More volcanic action. The entire Earth will be gone in a matter of hurs if we don't (rumble, rumble)...Bill, I want every transmitter and receiver in the country tryin to contact Seaview-they're our last possible hope. Get moving." Washington official to another in 'Deadly Cloud'.


"There's a 'thing' our there, sir. It swallowed the Skipper!" Kowalski to Morton in 'The Creature.'(2)


"I'm a scientist, not a navigator." Dr. King to Nelson in 'The Ceature.'(2)


"If he dies, I'm going to hold you directly responsible." Nelson to Dr. King in 'The Creature'(2)


"Every soldier whoever went to war knows that moment. It's one thing to be a crack shot on the rifle range, but it's another thing to pull the trigger when there's a man, a REAL man, a human being in your sights...Admiral, no one, none of us, knows how we'll react when we have to pull that trigger." Crane to Nelson from 'Doomsday'.


"What difference does it make who started it? It's one thing to carry a big stick but it's another thing to bash someone's head in with it. I just couldn't do it, but you could, couldn't you, Admiral?" Lt. Cmdr. Corbett to Nelson in 'Doomsday'.


"Your man, Crane, he's insolent, and has no respect for his superiors."  [Nelson responds:  "You don't like him, Jiggs, because you can't scare the pants off him."]  Admiral Starke to and from Admiral Nelson  from Mutiny.'

“This mission will continue if I have to hang this ship together with spit and glue.” Nelson to Crane in ‘The Saboteur.’


“What's the matter, Curley? You afraid of robots? Oh...you think they might take over your job.”

“Nah, they ain't got the intelligence.” Kowalski to Chief Jones and Jones to Kowalski in ‘The Indestructible Man.'



“Our friend must be responsible, but how or why, I don't know. But I intend to find out.”
[Crane]“Why don't we take that weapon away from him and slap him in the brig?”
[Nelson]: “No, no, no, let's play along with him. I want to see just what he's up to.”
[Crane]: “Well, I hope he doesn't kill us all while we play along.” Nelson and Crane in ‘The Invaders.’


"Well, in my opinion, there's only one person aboard who'd be likely to attack him.[King Ang]"


"Me!" Crane to Nelson in 'Long Live the King'.


"Well, he's just signed our death warrant. I guess you realize that."[Adm. Tobin]

"I realize that Captain Crane has very likely saved the lives of all of us aboard, including yours." Nelson to Adm. Tobin in 'The Sky is Falling'.


"Mr. Morton, I have never really trusted you. I could never tell what you were thinking. I can tell now that youve been plotting against me all along, haven't you? Well, let me tellyou something, mister, you are not going to break me, but I'm going to break you." Nelson to Morton in 'Blow Up'.


"Chip, can you take the conn alone?"[Crane]

"There's nohting to do here but keep from disappearing." Morton to Crane in 'Sealed Orders'.


"Skipper, you're going to find this hard to believe, but I lost the search party!" Kowalski to Crane in 'Sealed Orders'.


"Lee, listen to me.Now, hold on, we're going to try to get to you. Just hold on!"[Nelson]

"At least his full is intact."[Morton]

"We've got to reach him before his air supply is gone. Now, let's get moving!" Nelson to Morton in 'Rescue'.


"Hey, Ski! You're out of your mind. And out of uniform!" Sharkey to Kowalski in 'Return of Blackbeard'.



[Doc Bradley]"And to think that Ethel Sharkey grew up to be a CPO on the Seaview."

[Crane]"Ethel Sharkey?"


[Nelson]"Oh. Francis Ethelbert Sharkey."

Dr. Bradley, Crane, Sharkey and Nelson in 'The Lost Bomb.'


[Nelson]"Your encouragement and my stubborness,working togeher, stopped them just long enough."

[Crane]"Doesn't sound lke a bad combination."

[Nelson]"It's worked for us sometimes. No reason why it shouldn't continue, huh?'

Nelson and Crane in 'Terror.'


"There's nothing wrong with my nerves!" Crane to Doc in 'The Mummy.'


"That's right and you go and try to borrow ten bucks from that on a Saturday night!" Crane to Morton and Nelson in 'The Human Computer.'


"I do know this submarine is scheduled to be at specific places at specific times and that job is my responsibility!" Crane to Capt. Krueger and Nelson  in 'The Phantom Strikes.'



"Captain Crane is not onlly a fine officer, he's a ver close, close friend." Nelson to Capt. Krueger in 'The Phantom Strikes'.


"Oh noooo!" Crane as he transforms into 'Manbeast'.


"I treated you like a brother! And you pulled a gun on me!" Nelson to Crane in 'Mutiny'.


"Don't question it, Lee. Just accept it."Nelson to Crane in 'The Return of Blackbeard.'


"Hang the Computer!" Nelson to Crane in 'Mutiny'.


"Nothing is ever easy, is it?" Nelson to Crane in 'Blow Up'.


[Nelson is on an unknown volcanic island under attack by a giant lizard and a tidal wave is coming]
"What are you going to do, Lee?" Chip to Crane in 'Night of Terror'.


" Skipper, you're going to find this hard to believe, but I lost the search party." Kowalski to Crane in 'Sealed Orders.'


"Captain Crane is not only a fine officer, he's a very close, close friend." Nelson to Captain Krueger in The Phantom Strikes.

 "For whatever it's worth, I'd trust my life with Captain Crane." Nelson in 'The Saboteur'.
 "Why didn't you tell Captain Crane? After all, he is in command of the ship."
"Well, as a bus driver is in command of a bus." Nelson to Adams in The Creature (1)
 "Who is your best friend?"
"Harriman Nelson. Admiral Harriman Nelson." Captor and  Crane in 'The Saboteur.
 "We're not only off course, we're in the wrong ocean!" Morton in The Day The
World Ended.
 "This mission will continue if I have to hang this ship together with spit and glue!" Nelson in The Saboteur.
 "Chip? Can you take the conn alone?"
"There's nothing to do here but keep from disapearing." Crane and Morton in Sealed Orders.

 "Lee, we're just asking for trouble!" "Asking for it, we're begging for it!" Morton and Crane in Cradle of the Deep.

"What was it they used to teach us at the Academy? When in doubt punt?" Crane in The Buccaneer.

Voyage in glorious black and white.


I remember when the show began in color, and how frustrated I was because my parents wouldn't purchase a color tv (and wow, were they ever expensive- for the time). I envied anyone who could see the episodes in color. Except for 'Jonah and the Whale.' In glorious black and white the interior of the whale looked like garbage bags illuminated by light bulbs inside them. Now, in color, at least I can see how really sensational the set was.

Whenever Crane was in his jammies, my little 11 to 14 year old heart went even more pitty pat than normal and that was fast enough!
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"Skipper? I think we've gotten ourselves into into a couple of problems."










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