To: h. Nelson, CEO, Nelson institute of marine research

Dear sir:

Have you ever dreamed of that 'dream vacation'? Away from all the cares and worries of your present job?

If so, sign up for a two week stay with us, at the 'Marine's let's go summer camp for adults'!

We offer a fun packed frolic of fresh air, hiking, running, and a rollicking old time in the good old outdoors!

Breathe in all that unpolluted air, enjoy 'guy talk' without fear of recrimination from fellow campers! Enjoy 'war games' to test your intelligence and mettle! Be a kid again!

We also offer an advanced 'super-spy' game for the more adventurous.

Please contact us at least three months before making your reservation to allow for the necessary paperwork.

No health exam required, though you should be able to walk or run at least one mile without stopping in 5 minutes.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for your being 'drafted' into active service should war be declared while you attend our camp, and we are not responsible for any injuries, dismemberment, or deaths occurring while you enjoy your stay with us.

Ps especially for h. nelson:

We understand from L. crane that you would really enjoy a stay at our summer camp, as you have similar experiences from undisclosed adventures.


nelson institute of marine research

santa barbara, california

admiral nelson



to: Lee Crane, SSRN SEAVIEW, somewhere in the South Pacific

from: Guess who, and I'm NOT smiling!

Lee, that was a low-down dirty rotten trick! There I was, reading about a nice little vacation and it turns out to be nothing more than a practical joke whipped up by you and Joe Jackson!

I'd even tried to sign up! General Baker had no idea what the blazes I was talking about! But he did sign me up for 2 weeks 'reserve'duty attached to him at Camp Pendleton! BAH! I wanted a nice little vacation, not a stint in an office…until I saw Pamela. That's right Lee, Pamela!

Read it and weep!

PS I will inspect Seaview personally with the Chief of Naval Operations when I return and mister, she'd better be flawless!


ssrn seaview

To: J. Jackson, Comsubpac

From: L. Crane

Joe, we blew it! So Nelson's having a great time eyeing Pam while get stuck scrubbing out the heads, or making sure sharkey does it…which translates to Ski being stuck with the job. You should see the glares of anger he's been giving me. Oh well, it goes with the territory.

I thought it was a great little joke, the marine camp, guess you can't win them all.

Will be in Pearl in about two days. Then it's off to California and trying out those new super-deluxe earplugs while I get chewed out. Better warn Adm. Stark. The noise is liable to carry over the waves.