SSRN Seaview Medical File-11

Incident Brief
Name: Crane, Lee
Rank: Commander
Position: Captain, SSRN Seaview
Status: USNR
Incident: While undercover, suffered major physical trauma due to being captured, beaten and tortured with rifle butts, fists, and battering devices.
Moderate bruising to face, with scalp lacerations. Evidence of lingering concussion. Heavy bruising to ribs and abdominal tissues, including stomach,(which shows mild bleeding) liver, kidneys,(including blood in urine) and solar plexus. X ray shows some mild bruising to heart, but is functioning normally, otherwise.
Treatment: Stitches to scalp lacerations, regular medical evaluations of concussion, bruising, along with scheduled urinalysis and X rays. Heating ointment from bruising.
No solid food until stomach bleeding ceases.Recommend Jell-O, or processed liquid nutrition formula.

Incident Brief
Name: Kowalski, Tolliver
Rank: Seaman
Position: Crewman
Status: USNR
Incident: Gunshot to left shoulder.
Treatment: Removal of bullet, stitches, and imoblization of arm with sling.