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Linda Delaney and Jane Daffron, authors extrodinaire, have written some of our favorite Voyage stories, singly, and in collaboration with each other and also with other fine authors.

So butter that popcorn, settle back, and prepare to enjoy even more stories!

The icon indicates that a story is available only by invitation to the After Dark Sub-Division.

The icon indicates that a story is available only by invitation to the Mature Themes Sub-Division.

You may obtain information and an invite to the After Dark and Mature Themes sub divisions by contacting CATFISH of Seaview Stories

Stories listed in the Daffron/Delaney "timeline" order:

The Beginning of the Fantasy

The Fantasy

It was a Dark and Stormy Night NEW STORY!

The Camping Trip

A Time to Love, A Time to Die

A Renewal of Life

A Moment in time


The Saboteur,epilogue

The Phantom,a sequel

Danger, Gamma is Loose

The Price of Friendship *PG-13 rating-graphic violence

Court Martial


Surprise!*PG-graphic violence

The Arrival


The Day After the Night Before

The Jungle

Now and Forever * R rating

Karen's Fantasy

Sea Angel

Milk Bone

In Another Time or Place

A Christmas Present

A Right Jolly Old Elf

Things That Go Bump In The Night *in collaboration with Barbara Paul

A Test of Wills

Tests * graphic imagery

A Valentine Vignette

A Time to Heal


The Hunt

The Captain's Quarters

The Best Laid Plans

Treat or Trick

Nelson, It's A Hopeless Task

The Predator


The Fantasy, A Later Time

The Fantasy, A Conclusion

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