Sharon H.'s Fins


Finley Auratus and Gilbert Auratus (known to their friends as 'Fin' and 'Gil'l) look like common goldfish.

Gil is a common red-tinged goldfish while Fin is a multi-colored shubunkin, but in reality they were previously known as operatives for naval intelligence, known by their code names, 'Splash' and 'Riptide'.

Their small size and unassuming appearance made them perfect as agents, collecting intelligence by going undercover in the fish tanks of various government officials of foreign nations.

Once their information was gathered, they would ‘play dead’ resulting in ‘burial at sea’ through the nearest septic system.

Having navigated one too many sewers in an attempt to reach their assigned contact, Fin and Gill decided to retire, much to the dismay of ONI.

They are now living the life of ordinary goldfish, spending their days watching National Geographic and Animal Planet and trading stories with their tank mate, Algernon Plecostomus.

'Algernon' is a bottom dwelling algae eater, actually a breed of catfish. He is a former Hollywood stunt fish, known mostly for his roles in in television of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

He recalls that his favorite roles come from the shows Sea Hunt, Flipper and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. He acted as a consultant on the set of Jaws, and the later film Tentacles.

He’s very laid-back and extremely shy these days, tending to be nocturnal and sleeping much of the afternoon. Mostly he just wants to enjoy the peace and quiet of his retirement, reading the occasional fan letter and entertaining his tank mates, Fin and Gill, with stories of his days as a movie star.


Agent Splash


Agent Riptide

Algernon the Stunt Fish

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