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By Carol Foss

She heard the wails of the sirens and the cries of fear behind her,

But could not turn.

She smelled the smoke and dust of plaster, concrete and burnt steel,

But could do nothing about it.

She wanted to help but was imobile.

Day turned into night, night into day.

But it had been no dream.

Her world had changed and she felt foolish in her tedious garb,

And out of touch.

What could she do, so numbed by the event.

Then she remembered and stretched out her arm,

A little bit higher, stronger.

Lighting the way if only in symbol.

She'd endured, and would continue.

A beacon of liberty and freedom for all to see.

For this nation, this people, would survive.

She still stands beside the golden door,

Lifting her lamp for all to see.

Welcoming all those

Who seek Freedom

May we never forget Sept. 11 2001