Protect yourself and your loved ones. Attend this special seminar hosted by Admiral nelson himself.

Learn the techniques of dealing with troublesome ghosts, unwelcome aliens, and other supernatural pests. Learn how to resist possession by the same and escape, should they get to you first. Learn how to get rid of them once and for all.

Admiral nelson will teach in four one-hour lectures and a high tech virtual reality simulator is provided for your practice of the techniques you learn, along with nuclear reactor and lazer advice.

Nursery services will be provided for children under five.

Special children's classes will be provided at half price for children twelve years old or younger.

In addition, Lt. Commander Morton will provide a free tour of the submarine seview.

Commander Crane will present certificates of completion of the seminar, useful for any stress related occupational applications or as a pointer for a raise.

All nimr employees will receive a ten percent discount, and are encouraged to attend, pending previous experience.

Remember, only you can prevent disaster. Be prepared. Come to the seminar.

Costs include accommodations and hot dogs at the picnic following.