Seaview Stories Newsletter-2


21 June 2010

Catfish's Corner

THE THINK TANK: Why do we hurt the ones we love?

There are a lot of 'hurt/comfort' stories in fanfiction. And while the premise may be 'pooh poohed' by a lot of professionals, this premise sure can make for a great story.

While most fanfiction writers are of the female gender, using the 'hurt/comfort' premise is not because we have a 'Florence Nightingale Complex’.

When we force our hero's to get hurt/ tormented /etc. physically or mentally, our audience will have an immediate sympathy for him/her. And when despite the problem  he/she overcomes, their true character bursts forth.

The ‘comforters’ can add a lot of interpersonal tidbits that can really bring your characters to life. And that's what it's all about; making your story so alive that your readers can't put it down, and when finished, say "Wow, what a story. I want a sequel."

So never let anyone tell you that 'hurt/comfort' stories aren't real fiction. They're some of the best stories out there.



"I wonder what they'll do to me next?"


My arms are sore just thinking about waving them.


Just a Storm Away
Pallette Brush 'Painting' by Catfish, Daytona Beach, FL

Calling all Authors
I've had the great pleasure of re-reading some older fanzine stories and am hoping some of these trailblazing authors will consider posting these great stories to the Golden Oldie Subsite. These stories are just too good to be consigned to the cobwebs.
Since most of these were written when computers were the size of Seaview's, and it's doubtful they were later entered onto a floppy disk or CD, I can scan the printed zine or manuscript into an image and post as such..
Think about it? Pretty Please?


Questions /Answers

Q. I'm a new writer, and I'm pretty good. Can I forgo getting the Comments Version you say you reserve the right to send me prior to posting?

A. No, however, I will be happy to post your story 'as is' if you  feel you don't want to consider any of the suggestions (which are for your benefit to avoid possible tech issues or nitpicking by fellow fans.) Several stories have been posted with the notation 'no editing by Seaview Stories in any way', but all have either received a comments version or been posted elsewhere previously.

Q. I have a slash story I've written and want to read others, but since Seaview Stories doesn't post them, and another site is defunct, what can do?

A. Try contacting Devilishfor details about Yvette's new site which is accepting slash stories, old and new.

*Slash-generic term denoting same sex interest and/or romance/sex/etc.

Email any Comments/Questions to Catfish